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Editor Anne Groell on TWOW and working with GRRM

Anne Groell, George R. R. Martin's longtime editor, did a live Q&A with Suvudu yesterday, answering fan questions about editing A Song of Ice and Fire and her many other responsibilities. Here was her response to the most popular question: When will The Winds of Winter be released?

External Link ADWD, GoT nominated for Hugos. Nominees for the 2012 Hugo Awards were announced this weekend, and the list is full of notable names. George R. R. Martin's A Dance with Dragons has been nominated for best novel (ADWD competes against Leviathan Wakes, a sci-fi novel co-written by GRRM's assistant Ty Franck and frequent collaborator Daniel Abraham). Anne Groell, editor of A Song of Ice and Fire, has been nominated for best editor. And HBO's Game of Thrones has been nominated for best dramatic presentation (long form). The winners will be announced at this summer's WorldCon in Chicago. Good luck to them all!

External Link Groell talks about editing ADWD. Anne Groell talks to Suvudu's Shawn Speakman about editing A Dance with Dragons, working with George R. R. Martin through the book's problems, and juggling chapters between ADWD and The Winds of Winter. It's a fascinating look at the process, with few spoilers (more like teases, really).

External Link Editor reads random ADWD samples. Remember when editor Anne Groell showed us photos of the manuscript for A Dance with Dragons? Well, now that the book is finished, Groell goes two steps further and provides video evidence of its existence and reads random samples of the book. Beware of spoilers, especially those that are taken completely out of context.

A Dance with Dragons is done. Editor Anne Groell has now confirmed that, at long last, George R. R. Martin has finished writing A Dance with Dragons. As previously reported, the fifth book of his bestselling A Song of Ice and Fire series will be released on July 12, 2011, meaning more than five years will have passed since A Feast for Crows was published. More than ten years will have passed since certain fan favorites made their last appearances. We're sure many readers are hoping ADWD will be worth the wait.

A Dance with Dragons is expected to equal A Storm of Swords in size, but its development was surrounded by far more controversy. Part of that comes from GRRM's difficulty in working out particularly tricky plot points. But a lot of it is due to the books' increasing popularity and fans' growing impatience. All the splits, knots, and Kongs that delayed the story finally have been banished (at least for one volume) and we look forward to covering the twists and turns that occur within the book, as opposed to the ones that arose from its making.

Look for A Dance with Dragons in stores on July 12. It is also available for preorder from many retailers, including Barnes and Noble.

External Link ADWD remains a single volume. When George R. R. Martin announced that A Dance with Dragons had surpassed the page count of A Storm of Swords, there were some concerns that the novel would be too big to fit into a single hardcover. GRRM's editor Anne Groell, however, recently confirmed that ADWD will be published as a single volume hardcover and that the final edition will more likely equal ASOS's size. ADWD is still on schedule for a July 12 release.

External Link Editor proves ADWD manuscript exists. Anne Groell, George R. R. Martin's longtime editor at Bantam Spectra, confirms that the A Dance with Dragons manuscript truly exists and that it is, indeed, huge. She posts several pictures of it and even delivers our first ADWD review:

Could this be George's best book yet? For me, the answer is a resonding: "Yes!" Folks, it is magnificent. WELL worth the wait, in my humble opinion.

Five Chapters to Go? The latest update on A Dance with Dragons comes from Spectra senior editor Anne Groell, as reported by io9 from the New York Comic Con:

We're hoping to have a finished manuscript by Christmas. He's told me he has five chapters left and bits of each chapter are done. He really wants it done by the end of the year. We really?I mean really?want to announce the pub date in January.

Then again, Groell has made overly optimistic projections before and additionally cautions us on the math.

Update: Via tweet, "@DelReySpectra confirms @io9's story that GRRM has 5 chapters left to write (all in partial state) to complete #ADwD."


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