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Hands of the Tower

Alex Smith
Lord of the Chapters and Keeper of the Keys. Alex is the co-founder of Tower of the Hand and is largely responsible for the chapter summaries and encyclopedic content of the site.

John Jasmin
The Captain of Code and Bastard of the Blog. Johnny is the co-founder of Tower of the Hand. He's responsible for most technical aspects of the site and the blog.

Featured Writers

Stefan Sasse
Senior Essayist. You can read more of his work at The Nerdstream Era, listen to his Boiled Leather Audio Hour podcast, or buy his books: It Is Known: Season 3 Deconstructed and The Supreme Court of Westeros, Vol I.

Zach VanSice
Essayist. Also called zvansice. Zach lives outside of DC in the northern Virginia area and works in IT. Happily married to his unsullied wife, he's a sports enthusiast as well as an avid gamer, making him the odd combination of nerd and jock.

Assistant Editors

Lead peer reviewer. Also called First when not last.

Lead peer reviewer. Also called and Broken Things.

Consulting Editors

Marc N. Kleinhenz
Also called msunyata. Editor of Tower of the Hand: A Flight of Sorrows and Tower of the Hand: A Hymn for Spring.

Honorary Contributors

Joe Buckley
Essayist. Also called @serbuckley.

Miles Schneiderman
Essayist. Also called ghostlovesinger.

Chris Holden
FAQ author.

Kohl Liang-Weissgerber
Copy editor.

Calvin Green
Copy editor. Also called KCenturion.

Roman Papsuev
Character portraits artist. Also called Amok.

Stig Greve
Heraldry artist.


None of this would be possible if not for the creator himself, Mr. George R. R. Martin, who has enthralled all of us with his tale of realistic medieval fantasy.

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