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David Eddings: 1931-2009

6/3/2009 12:45:00 PM ET

David Eddings, author of the bestselling Belgariad series, passed away last night at the age of 77. Eddings wrote nearly thirty novels, many of them with his wife Leigh, who died in 2007. His Elenium series was the first fantasy series I ever read and, to this day, I've read more of his works than any other author. Allow me to quote some words of wisdom from Eddings himself:

Some [letters] I've received have candidly admitted, 'I didn't really like to read before I got into your stories, but now I read all the time.' Let television tremble. Big Dave and Little Leigh are coming to black out those screens. Maybe that's our purpose in life. We're here to teach whole generations how to read-- not everybody, perhaps, but enough to possibly make a difference. 'They left the world better than they found it,' sounds like a tombstone, but there are worse things you can say about people, wouldn't you say?

The Rivan Codex

Farewell, David. You and Leigh left the world far better than you found it.

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