Tower of the Hand

A Bran New Adventure

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Nov 2, 2009, 1:43 PM ET
When we last saw Bran Stark, Samwell Tarly was leading the boy and his companions through the Black Gate at the command of a strange man we know as "Coldhands." But Coldhands' true identity isn't the only mystery facing Bran. He's searching for the Three-Eyed Crow, dreaming of flying, and mind-controlling Summer and Hodor, but can't explain why. There's even a possibility he may reunite with Jon Snow or the long-lost Benjen Stark. What do you think will happen to Bran next? How far North will Bran travel and will he return to the Wall in A Dance with Dragons?

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Which of the following will happen to Bran next?

He'll discover Coldhands' true identity.
 (190, 44.92%)
He'll meet the Three-Eyed Crow.
 (160, 37.83%)
He'll learn how to fly.
 (6, 1.42%)
He'll warg as another human.
 (29, 6.86%)
He'll reunite with a Stark or Jon Snow.
 (26, 6.15%)
None of these will ever happen.
 (12, 2.84%)

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