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10 Hated Characters

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12/8/2010 2:54:00 PM ET

Just as there were several ways to justify your favorite 15, there are many reasons for including characters in your 10 Most Hated list. These characters could be irredeemable villains, foils to your favorites, or people you simply cannot stand. This is not a love-to-hate list; it's only about the loathing this time. Identify ten from the first four books, then fill out this form (members only; join here). Remember: you don't need to fill the entire list, but the order does matter. Make sure your most despised characters are listed near the top.

We'll reveal the cumulative results at a later date, though probably not in the same way we profiled the Top 30. Also, we invite members to update their profiles, especially the gender field. We can do some cool splits with that data, like calculate which characters men liked more than women and vice versa. If you have any questions or problems, contact us or leave a comment.

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Warning: Discussions are not subject to scope. That is, commenters can and often do discuss events from the most recent book. We recommend avoiding these discussions until you're caught up.

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