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ADWD to be split into 5 volumes?

4/1/2011 12:30:00 PM ET

George R. R. Martin just confirmed the news. Because of its mammoth, Kong-metaphor-inducing size, publisher Bantam Spectra has decided to split A Dance with Dragons into separate volumes. We all expected this, but the big surprise is that ADWD will be five parts, not four or eight, as anticipated. Each volume will be subtitled by a character from the books and-- though multiple covers for the book already exist-- we've heard that one unlucky artist has been asked for several more unusable designs in hideous shades of green. Don't worry: the first volume will still be released July 12, 2011. No word yet on when subsequent parts will street, but Bantam is expected to charge the full, retail price for each installment.

Update: This decision unfortunately affects the availability of Roy Dotrice, who can now only read volumes 1 and 3 of the ADWD audiobook, and maybe a few short scenes from part 4.

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