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Game of Thrones Review Roundup

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4/13/2011 10:54:00 AM ET

With screeners of HBO's Game of Thrones going out this week to a number of TV critics, it's only a matter time before they start sharing their thoughts on the the first few episodes (at least in more coherent form than Twitter snippets). We're going to collect these reviews and separate them into two camps: those who have read the books before watching the show, and those who haven't. Hopefully the former will determine if the show satisfies the fans, while the latter conveys its appeal to a broader audience. (Bumped as we're about to get some long-awaited reviews soon.)

Wrote the books:

Read books prior to watching show:

Have not read the books:

Bonus Podcasts

[h/t: Winter Is Coming, brynden, Brand, superdeluxe]

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