Tower of the Hand

Brave, LEGO, Bagpipes, and Bears

4/29/2012 12:26:00 PM ET

While we wait for tonight's episode of Game of Thrones, check out these cool fan-made videos: Brave Trailer Mash Up, A Clash of LEGO, The Bagpipes Cover, The Bear and the Maiden Fair. The videos are also embedded after the jump:

First, DarthNeeson's Brave Trailer Mash Up reimagines the upcoming Pixar film, Brave, repurposing scenes from Game of Thrones:

Then there's A Clash of LEGO by matthewP, which produces an entirely LEGO-based version of the title sequence from Game of Thrones:

MermicolioN has another version of the Game of Thrones intro, The Bagpipes Cover:

Lastly, we have The Bear and the Maiden Fair by christocakes, a cover of the classic Westerosi tune about the girl who refused to dance with a bear at a fair:

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