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MTV interviews GRRM, Madden

10/2/2012 2:01:15 PM ET

In an interview with MTV, George R. R. Martin and Richard Madden reveal details about Game of Thrones' third season. GRRM already is anticipating the fallout from one particular scene that's caused much anguish from book readers:

"Judging by the reaction that Ned's death got when the television audience saw that, I think I'm going to go to some part of the world where they have no television when a certain episode airs, and I'll hide out and they won't find me at all," he said. "I'll have to hide from the Internet storm as well."

GRRM also spills some information about the next Ice and Fire book, The Winds of Winter, and whether characters will be split like they were in the two previous books:

"All the characters [are in the book]," he promised. "I'm going to start pulling the threads back together in this one, I hope."

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