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A Hymn for Spring's Newest Author

6/19/2013 9:00:00 AM ET

One year from today, on June 19, 2014, Tower of the Hand's second ebook anthology, A Hymn for Spring, will release. To commemorate the occasion, we're going to officially unveil the third author (after A Podcast of Ice and Fire's Amin Javadi and Race for the Iron Throne's Steven Attewell) that will be gracing the book's digital pages, cramming more George R.R. Martin information in your head than you'll know what to do with: our very own Stefan Sasse.

Stefan's return is particularly important to us, as not only has he been a faithful essayist here at the Tower for the past four years, but also because his contribution to A Flight of Sorrows, "Under the Bleeding Star," has been one of the most consistently highly praised chapters, even eight months later. "That doesn't say anything in and of itself, though," Stefan counters, "since the topic was hardly controversial. My observations didn't redefine the way we see some characters, as do my essays about the Blackflish, Robb, and Edmure, for example, which polarized the audience far more, and I also stayed away from interpreting them.

"However, I hope that the essay helped to facilitate a little movement back from the sometimes-obsessive interpretation of the content of the prophecies towards a more narrative-focused one. Can't say whether somebody made my preferences his own, though."

Given his comments, it may seem that Stefan will be pursuing a more provocative essay for his second outing, but the avuncular German professor only demurred when asked. "Oh, I have various topics laying around, but some are shelved until certain information is provided. This is especially true for an in-depth look at history in the world of Ice and Fire, which has to wait until The World of Ice and Fire is released, because it doesn't make much sense to write about the topic before."

When threatened to be turned into the next Nissa Nissa, however, Stefan did divulge some specifics. "I want to do something about the TV show as kind of a general response to those I accuse of clinging to the literal content of the books too much in contrast to an approach centered more around the core of it," he said, which is sure to delight the fine patrons of, for whom this continues to be a raging, roiling debate. "I also want to write a smaller piece about the fighting styles in the show, which I don't particularly like.

"So, you see, there's stuff. Currently, I'm writing an essay for the Flight of Sorrows special edition. I won't tell you what it's about, though. :)" (Yes, he said the smiley face. It's a German thing.)

We'll have much more on Hymn in the weeks and months ahead - including more author announcements and details about their new, more expansive essays - making the twelve-month countdown as much fun as ticking numbers on an imaginary billboard can be.

Tower of the Hand: A Hymn for Spring goes on sale on June 19th, 2014, at Amazon, which will probably still be before The Winds of Winter releases.

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