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Season 3 Word Clouds, Part II

During and after the third season of Game of Thrones, we asked Tower of the Hand members to play a word association game. We named several notable characters from the show, and players had to type in the first word or phrase that came to mind for each. Over 400 people participated. We compiled the results as word clouds to help everyone visualize the top responses, and highlighted some gender splits. Below are the second set of results. The top images map the results given by members early in Season 3. The bottom images are for the same character, except these results were given immediately after Season 3.

Blackfish Tully

blackfish.png blackfish.png

Men: badass, awesome, cool / (after) badass, awesome, gay
Women: badass, awesome, swim / (after) badass, awesome, fish

Edmure Tully

edmure.png edmure.png

Men: weak, fish, fail / brutus, fish, dumb
Women: dumb, fish, fail / fish, floppy, fool

Jojen Reed

jojen.png jojen.png

Men: green, mysterious, wise / green, dream, wise
Women: dream, wise, grandfather / green, dream, mysterious
In context: "green seer", "green dreams", "love actually"

Kraznys mo Naklaz

kraznys.png kraznys.png

Men: slaver, bald, ass / dead, burn, slaver
Women: douche, bald, burn / asshole, toast, dead
In context: "extra crispy"

Meera Reed

meera.png meera.png

Men: frog, protector, tough / frog, curly, cute
Women: frog, strong, tough / hunter, protector, rabbit
In context: "frog spear"

Olenna Tyrell

olenna.png olenna.png

Men: thorns, awesome, old / thorns, old, sharp
Women: thorns, awesome, badass / thorns, witty, old
In context: "queen of thorns", "dowager countess", "emma peel", "best grandma ever"


orell.png orell.png

Men: warg, eagle, eyes / eagle, warg, dead
Women: warg, creepy, eyes / eagle, warg, pirate
In context: "white eyes", "pirates of the caribbean"

Ramsay Bolton*

ramsay.png ramsay.png

* "Theon's unnamed rescuer" in the first poll
Men: ramsay, bastard, reek / bastard, evil, psycho
Women: bastard, ramsay, psycho / evil, psycho, bastard
In context: "bastard of bolton", "ramsay snow"

Word clouds generated by WordItOut.

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