Tower of the Hand

Seven seasons and a movie?

3/20/2014 12:46:00 PM ET

Yep, George R. R. Martin went there. Responding to recent news that Game of Thrones may end its run in seven or eight seasons, possibly before he even finishes writing the final book of A Song of Ice and Fire, GRRM proposed a big budget, blockbuster movie to wrap everything up. That of course assumes that there is anything left unwrapped. The producers know the ending to his story (they say it's absolutely satisfying), and they think they'll have it all covered in seven years. James Poniewozik is a fan of both the TV show and the books, and argues that it's fine to let each end on its own schedule. Aidan Moher adds that Game of Thrones may be better off streamlining some of ASOIAF's many side plots and leaving their resolutions to the book.

Meanwhile, GRRM noted that a Game of Thrones film may not be the only option for seeing Westeros on the silver screen. He confirmed that a movie adaptation of the Dunk and Egg tales is being considered, dropping this tease, "I have written these three stories, and I have about a dozen more."

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