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A Hymn for Spring is on sale now!

Tower of the Hand: A Hymn for Spring, our second essay book, is officially on sale now at Amazon for $7.99. The ebook contains eleven original essays about A Song of Ice and Fire, written by Tower of the Hand contributors and our frequent collaborators. Editor Marc Kleinhenz worked very hard, through good times and bad, to assemble this collection of essays, and we're all very proud of the end result. If you enjoy the essays we offer here on Tower of the Hand, we're sure you'll appreciate A Hymn for Spring just as well. We're also sure that you'll want to discuss the essays in detail, so be sure to let us know what you think in the dedicated threads below. Thanks, and enjoy!

Machiavellianism for a Purpose
The logic of revolution applied to rulers, reformers, and "noble fools"
Steven Attewell, PhD

The Patriarchs of Westeros
Examining the toll the great lords exact from their families, their smallfolk, and from progress
Stefan Sasse

Songs and Singers of Ice and Fire
The fine line between music, history, and culture in Westerosi societies
Amin Javadi

Making History - The Battle of the Redgrass Field
The realities and lingering effects of civil war as told through Martin's literary prism
Stefan Sasse

How to Win Thrones and Rule People
A military and political analysis of Robert's Rebellion
Jim McGeehin

The Curse of Harren the Black
The nature of legend, pride, and real-world history in the construction of Harrenhal's - and A Song of Ice and Fire's - identity
Aziz and Ashaya

Who Stole Westeros?
Using both modern and medieval economics to expose Littlefinger's original master plan
Steven Attewell, PhD

The Word Is Groleo
Retracing Barristan the Bold's steps to deconstruct his psychology - and divine his fate
Stefan Sasse

Iron Bends
The surprising flexibility - and ultimate goals - of A Song of Ice and Fire's most controversial character
Jeff Hartline

Unconditional Victory
What other games can tell us about winning the game of thrones
John Jasmin

A Game of Adaptation
Using six characters as a case study for how the HBO series both improves and degrades Martin's original narrative
Alexander Smith

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