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Is there still time for Winter in 2016?

Mar 22, 2016, 9:00 AM ET
Will the next A Song of Ice and Fire novel be published this year? Normally we ask this question at the start of every year, but George R. R. Martin kicked off 2016 with his answer to it... sort of. GRRM stated definitively that The Winds of Winter would not be released before the next Game of Thrones season, and he said less definitively that he's "months away still." Some time has passed since that last update; in fact, we've just crossed into spring. Let's find out what everyone is thinking now, with nine months left to go in 2016. When will we see The Winds of Winter?

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When will THE WINDS OF WINTER be published?

By the end of 2016. There's still time.
 (511, 40.24%)
2017. A six-year wait for book six.
 (532, 41.89%)
2018. Just long enough to be the longest wait yet.
 (57, 4.49%)
2019. Last chance to have it out this decade.
 (26, 2.05%)
I don't expect to see TWOW any time soon.
 (144, 11.34%)

1270 Responses

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