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After Dark, Road Trip

May 27, 2016, 5:00 PM ET
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Tower of the Hand "After Dark" invites you to mingle with other members and chat about all things off topic. So the family is keen to go on a road trip this summer, preferably to a place that isn't on the list of usual vacation destinations. Do you know of any good attractions, natural or otherwise, that we should visit? Are there any landmarks or monuments that you think are underappreciated because they don't attract tourists in big numbers?

And, just a quick reminder, please do not discuss the latest Game of Thrones episodes in this thread. This a spoiler-free zone. Thanks!

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Warning: Discussions are not subject to scope. That is, commenters can and often do discuss events from the most recent A Song of Ice and Fire book and/or Game of Thrones episode.

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