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Game of Thrones gets nods in 2016 awards season

Dec 14, 2016, 7:00 PM ET
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It's awards season and, as expected, Game of Thrones' sixth season is being recognized by all the usual outlets. The Golden Globes has the show nominated for Best Television Drama (though George R. R. Martin thinks Westworld is the favorite here) and Lena Headey as Best Supporting Actress; the Screen Actors Guild has the show nominated for Outstanding Ensemble in a Television Drama and Outstanding Action Performance by a Stunt Ensemble, as well as Peter Dinklage as Outstanding Male Actor; the Writers Guild has nominated the show for Drama Series. The Directors Guild, which rewarded Game of Thrones' Season 5 last year, will announce its nominations next month.

Game of Thrones has already won this year's Critics' Choice Award for Best Drama Series. Oddly enough, however, the show doesn't appear on many critics' top ten lists for the year. The Hollywood Reporter's Tim Goodman lists Game of Thrones at #9, the AV Club's staff at #17, UPROXX's Alan Sepinwall at #19. Variety's Maureen Ryan lists it among the Best Returning Shows (but not among her best overall). "The Battle of the Bastards" is the second best episode of all of TV in 2016, according to Entertainment Weekly's James Hibberd, while "The Winds of Winter" makes the Atlantic's staff's best episodes list.

What do you think: should Game of Thrones have been on more top ten lists this year, or perhaps ranked higher? Where does the show rank among your favorite shows and episodes of 2016?

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