Tower of the Hand

A jaded view all over again

Feb 2, 2017, 4:00 PM ET
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A day with a silly but harmless tradition has now become synonymous with a bizarre phenomenon: characters getting stuck in some kind of time loop. Don't get me wrong, I usually love this plot device. Groundhog Day is my favorite Bill Murray film, "Cause and Effect" my favorite Star Trek episode, and "Majora's Mask" my favorite Legend of Zelda game. More recently, we've seen it play out on Westworld and I'm looking forward to The Good Place's second season, to say the least.

But repetition can be tiresome, too, especially when an audience has been conditioned to expect the unexpected. There are only so many ways an author can make his story surprising before his readers wise up. If he's lucky, we'll call a repetitive storyline "thematic." More likely, we'll see the supposed twist as a variation on one of the author's favorite writing tricks. Generally speaking, what plot twist do you find to be the most tiresome? What type of twist happens in A Song of Ice and Fire a little too often?

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Which of these plot twists is the most tiresome?

Aha, he was someone else in disguise all along!
 (30, 11.63%)
Presumed to have died, he was never dead after all!
 (74, 28.68%)
They were babies swapped at birth!
 (35, 13.57%)
That guy died just as he was about to answer all my questions!
 (43, 16.67%)
The villain escaped just when we thought we had him!
 (16, 6.20%)
We were saved at the last minute by some unexpected intervention!
 (60, 23.26%)

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