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Stranger Things Season 2 Open Thread

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Oct 26, 2017, 5:00 PM ET
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Stranger Things sounds like a spooky tale that you'd hear around a campfire: a twelve-year-old boy has gone missing, and it's up to his family and friends to bring him back from some hellish nightscape in which a terrible monster roams. Also one of the kids has legit superpowers. And there's a government conspiracy, too. The show was full of scary moments, yes, but its heart and humor (and winning performances) made it one of the pleasant surprises of 2016.

This weekend, Stranger Things returns with a second season that undoubtedly expands upon and complicates the events of last year. Who plans on watching? Is horror your thing? Does all the 80s nostalgia and references to genre films make a show like Stranger Things better or worse?

Because it's Netflix and all nine episodes of the new season are available to be binged immediately, we'll have to handle this open thread a little bit differently. If you wish to discuss one of the new episodes with specific details, be sure to use spoiler tags. Thanks!

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Warning: Discussions are not subject to scope. That is, commenters can and often do discuss events from the most recent A Song of Ice and Fire book and/or Game of Thrones episode.

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