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A Flight of Sorrows, A Hymn for Spring

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Dec 29, 2019, 1:00 PM ET
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Tower of the Hand's first two ebooks will be removed from the Amazon store on Tuesday, December 31. A Flight of Sorrows contains eight original essays about A Song of Ice and Fire, written by Tower of the Hand contributors and other frequent collaborators. A Hymn for Spring followed up on that edition with eleven exclusive essays. If you hadn't already picked up these books, now's your last chance. If you've got them already, maybe you know someone who'd be interested in reading them, too; did you know that you can gift ebooks in the Kindle Store? In any case, we are grateful to you for supporting all the wonderful essayists who have written for Tower of the Hand all these years.

And a special thank you to editor Marc N. Kleinhenz for all his efforts putting the books together and serving as our de facto accountant. Please check out some of Marc's other books, which will also be leaving the Amazon store in a couple of days.

Update: Links to our books on the Amazon store have been removed now. Thanks for your support!

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