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GRRM gives progress update on TWOW, HBO spinoffs

Mar 9, 2022, 11:31 AM ET
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George R. R. Martin has given us his first progress update in what seems like a long while. First thing's first:

Yes, of course I am still working on THE WINDS OF WINTER. I have stated that a hundred times in a hundred venues, having to restate it endlessly is just wearisome. I made a lot of progress on WINDS in 2020, and less in 2021... but "less" is not "none."

Obviously it's disappointing to hear that progress on TWOW was slower in 2021 than 2020 and more so that there are no indications that the sixth book in the series will be coming any time soon. GRRM adds that he's also worked on the second volume of the Fire & Blood history book (which he might call "Blood & Fire"); an illustrated version of the first volume; and a previously unannounced "Who's Who in Westeros" book.

GRRM has much more to say about the state of the Game of Thrones spinoffs, on the other hand. House of the Dragon has wrapped filming and will be the first show that we get eyes on. He confirms that plenty of other shows remain in development for HBO Max and that he is working alongside various writers on every one. Bruno Heller is currently writing the pilot about Corlys Velaryon, tentatively called "The Sea Snake." Amanda Segel has delivered a few drafts of "Ten Thousand Ships," which focuses on the legendary Nymeria. Steve Conrad is helming a potential Dunk & Egg show, which might be called "A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms" or "The Hedge Knight." And there's at least one animated project in the works, too. The first one will be about Yi Ti, under the working title "The Golden Empire," and things there are moving very fast.

Read the whole blog post for all the details on every project GRRM seems to be working on, in and outside of Westeros.

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