Tower of the Hand

Book 1, Chapter 11.
Before leaving with his uncle Benjen Stark for the Wall, Jon visits with Bran, Robb, and Arya. He gives Arya a small sword named Needle.
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Jon and Ghost come to see Bran. Lady Catelyn has been by his side for almost two weeks, taking her meals in the room and barely sleeping, and so Jon had not come before, but this is his last opportunity. Catelyn is very rude to him and tells him to go away, but he stands his ground. Bran is only skin and bones, with sunken eyes staring blankly and legs bent at odd angles. He cries and tells Bran's still form goodbye, explaining that he is leaving with Benjen that day to join the Night's Watch. Catelyn says that she had prayed for Eddard to leave Bran when he went south and that it appears sometimes prayers are answered. When Jon tries to comfort her, she is rude again. As Jon prepares to leave, Catelyn calls out to him and says it should have been him that fell before breaking into sobs.

Jon heads to the yard and sees Robb shouting orders with Grey Wind at his side. He has seemed to grow into authority since Bran's fall. They say their farewells. Finally he goes to see Arya, who is packing with Nymeria's help. Arya is happy to see him, as she was not allowed to leave her room to say goodbye. She had already packed her chest once, but she had just tossed everything in and Septa Mordane made her do it again properly. Jon gives Arya a present, a sword. He had Mikken forge the blade, which is slender and pointed like the swords used by bravos in Pentos, Myr and the other Free Cities. They say their goodbyes, and Jon tells her the sword has a name, Needle.



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