Tower of the Hand

Book 1, Chapter 17.
Arya is brought before the king. Cersei demands that Arya and her wolf be punished for hurting the prince, but Nymeria has run off so the queen settles for Sansa's direwolf, Lady, instead. Eddard kills Lady himself.
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Vayon Poole reports to Eddard that Jory has found Arya, who has been missing for four days. She has been taken before the king. They are staying at the castle of Ser Raymun Darry. The situation is tense, because House Darry fought for Aerys II, and Raymun lost his three older brothers at the Battle of the Trident. Eddard enters the audience chamber, where King Robert is presiding with Cersei and Joffrey. Arya, Jory, Ser Raymun, Lord Renly, and Ser Barristan are there as well. Eddard is furious that Arya was brought before the king, but Cersei responds that she must answer for the crime of attacking the crown prince. Joffrey claims that Arya and Mycah beat him with clubs and set Nymeria on him. Arya tells the true story as Vayon arrives with Sansa, and Lord Renly has a laughing fit at the thought of Joffrey being bested by a skinny girl with a stick, and is dismissed by Robert.

Eddard urges Sansa forward and tells her to say what happened. Sansa lies and says she does not remember, causing Arya to attack her. Cersei takes this as proof of Arya's wildness and demands that Robert punish her. King Robert decides that he and Eddard should discipline their children privately. Cersei brings up the direwolf. Nymeria is missing, so Robert is content to leave it at that. Cersei announces a reward for the man who brings her Nymeria's pelt and taunts Robert for not being a man. Cersei says they should execute Lady and Robert agrees, saying the animal would have turned on Sansa eventually anyway. Eddard challenges Robert to do it himself, but Robert leaves, and Eddard says he will do the deed if it must be done. He has Jory fetch Ice and uses it to kill Lady. He tells Jory to have four guards take the body back to Winterfell for burial. As he is returning to his quarters, Sandor comes back from searching. He found Mycah and rode him down.


Active Houses

  1. House Darry of Darry - House Darry remained loyal to the Targaryens during Robert's Rebellion.


  1. Lady - She has golden eyes and thick grey fur.


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