Tower of the Hand

Book 1, Chapter 23.
Eddard comforts Arya over the death of her friend, the death of Sansa's direwolf, and the abandonment of her own wolf. A resolved Arya begins her first sword lesson with Syrio Forel.
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Eddard arrives at dinner late after a small council meeting. He joins Sansa, Arya, Septa Mordane, Jeyne, Hullen, Jory and most of his fifty guards, including Desmond, Jacks, Harwin, and Porther. Eddard tells them about the upcoming tournament, and Sansa gets excited. Eddard does not want his daughters to come, but Sansa pleads and Septa Mordane points out that it would seem odd if his daughters did not attend a tournament in his honor. Arya starts thinking about Mycah and Lady and loses her appetite. She runs from the table, darts past Tomard, and locks herself in her room. She takes out Needle and holds it. Eddard comes to her door, and Arya opens it to admit him. He sees Needle in her hand. He laments that she has "the wolf blood," like both Brandon and Lyanna, and says it led them both to an early grave. He believes Lyanna would have carried a sword if allowed to. Arya confesses that she blames herself for Mycah's death and also that she and Jory drove Nymeria away by throwing rocks so she would not be killed. Eddard tells her that they have enemies in King's Landing and that she must stop feuding with Sansa and show a united front, and Arya agrees to try to be less willful. Eddard gives Needle back and leaves. The next day, Vayon brings her to the small hall, where Syrio Forel, who had been the first sword of the Sealord of Braavos for nine years, is waiting for her to begin her instruction in the art of swordfighting.


Active Characters

  1. Syrio Forel - He is a slight man with a bald head and a beak of a nose.


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