Tower of the Hand

Book 1, Chapter 32.
Catelyn Tully is bringing Tyrion to the Eyrie, the residence of her sister Lysa. Accompanying them on the dangerous path are various knights, sellswords and a singer. Tyrion finds a flaw in Littlefinger's story about the dagger.
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Tyrion watches Chiggen butcher his horse and endures taunts from Bronn. The horse was a gift from Jaime for his twenty-third birthday. He walks off and thinks back on the events that got him into this predicament. When Catelyn called on the patrons of the inn to arrest Tyrion, Jyck drew his sword, but Tyrion quickly stopped him and realized that he had to surrender to Catelyn to have any chance of survival. Yoren stood aside as Catelyn took him into custody, as the Watch does not involve itself in the quarrels of the realm. Masha begged Catelyn not to kill him in her inn, and Catelyn said she would take him back to Winterfell. Tyrion told the assembled that Lord Tywin will pay handsomely for word of what happened, and he was confident of rescue. Ser Rodrik decreed that they would take Jyck and Morrec too. Catelyn asked for volunteers to guard him, and Ser Willis Wode, Kurleket, Lharys, Mohor, Bronn, and Chiggen stepped forward. Marillion also decided to come along so he could compose a song of the "splendid adventure." They blindfolded Tyrion and began the journey. When they took off his blindfold at the end of the first day, he realized that they were not going to Winterfell, but were in fact taking the high road to the Vale of Arryn.

Catelyn has set a relentless pace through the mountains, and they have lost three horses. Ser Rodrik counsels a slower pace, and Tyrion seconds that thought, adding that he may not survive such a rough pace. He once again denies trying to murder Bran and tells Catelyn that Lord Petyr is a liar and brags to all and sundry that he took Catelyn's maidenhead.1 Before he can tell more, a group of mountain clansmen approach their position. Tyrion tells Catelyn to arm him and his men, which she does reluctantly. They successfully drive off the clansmen, who leave nine dead on the field. Their losses are only three, Jyck, Kurleket, and Mohor. Ser Rodrik is wounded. As the fight nears its end, Tyrion saves Catelyn's life. Ser Willis counsels riding on, as the clansmen will certainly be back. Catelyn wants to stay and bury the dead, but she is soon dissuaded from that folly. She allows Tyrion to keep his weapons. As they set out again, Tyrion rides up to Catelyn and continues to tell her why he is innocent. Petyr claimed that Tyrion won the dagger betting against Jaime, but Tyrion never bets against his family.2


Active Characters

  1. Bronn - He is thin and hard with black hair and eyes and a stubble of beard.
  2. Kurleket - He is fat with short-cropped hair and a piggy face.
  3. Lharys - He has rust-colored hair.


  1. Mountain Clans - Two of the clans are the Milk Snakes and the Moon Brothers.


Warning: Footnotes may contain spoilers from later chapters or books.
  • 1 - This footnote contains details from a later book (ASOS 81). Click to show.
  • 2 - This is reinforced by Renly's comments in the last chapter.


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