Tower of the Hand

Book 1, Chapter 38.
Bran takes his first ride outside Winterfell on Dancer and is accosted by a group of wildlings and Night's Watch deserters. They are all killed save a wildling named Osha.
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Bran takes his first ride out of Winterfell on his new horse, Dancer. With him are Robb, Theon, Summer, Grey Wind, Joseth, Maester Luwin, and four guards, including Quent and Wayn. On the way out of town, Theon calls out to Bessa and Kyra, two women he has lain with on more than one occasion. As they ride on into the wolfswood, Robb tells Bran about the death of Jory and Eddard's injury. Theon thinks Robb should call the banners, but Robb is undecided as of yet. He has, however, fortified Moat Cailin after receiving a letter from Catelyn. Bran loses his enjoyment of the ride and wants to go back, but they need to find the direwolves first.

Robb and Bran slowly outdistance their guard. They hear the direwolves in the distance, and Robb goes off to bring them in. Soon after, Bran is set upon by four men, including Stiv and Wallen who deserted from the Night's Watch, and two women, Hali and Osha. Bran identifies himself and threatens them. Hali wants to kill him, but Osha says he would be worth more to Mance alive. Stiv says he is not going back to face the white walkers.1 As Stiv prepares to cut Bran off Dancer, Robb returns with Summer and Grey Wind. They charge, and soon everyone is dead except Osha and Stiv, who takes Bran hostage. Suddenly, Stiv is felled by an arrow from Theon as the guard arrives. Robb is furious at Theon for such a reckless act, and is even more enraged to learn that the guard did not get there sooner because Theon went off hunting turkey. They take Osha back to Winterfell for questioning.


Active Characters

  1. Joseth - He is stick thin.
  2. Stiv - He is a big, bald man with a raw wind-burned face.
  3. Wallen - He is gaunt with grey hair and grey stubble.


  1. Direwolves - Direwolves have a bigger head and longer legs than normal wolves and their jaw is leaner and more pronounced.


  1. Dancer - She is two years old. She was specially trained to respond to rein, voice, and touch, allowing Bran to ride her.


  1. Winterfell - Outside of the castle is the winter town, with a market square and houses of log and undressed stone. Only about one in five houses are occupied in summer, but in winter farmers come from the surrounding countryside and the town fills up. The Smoking Log is the local alehouse.


Warning: Footnotes may contain spoilers from later chapters or books.


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