Tower of the Hand

Book 1, Chapter 43.
Tyrion tells Bronn about his marriage to Tysha. They are accosted by mountain clansmen to whom Tyrion promises aid in taking the Vale.
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Tyrion and Bronn stop to take shelter along the high road. They have been riding all day since being put out of the Vale by Ser Lyn. Tyrion gathers wood to start a fire. Bronn threatens to leave, but Tyrion offers him any reward if he stays to protect Tyrion, and he accepts. Tyrion lights a fire to draw some mountain clansmen in. He mentions his mistreatment in the dungeon of the Eyrie, and Bronn registers surprise that Tyrion gave Mord the gold he promised the gaoler. Tyrion merely replies that a Lannister always pays his debts. Bronn asks where they will go now, and Tyrion says he means to make inquiries about a certain dagger. With no clansmen coming yet, Tyrion begins to whistle a Myrish song called "The Seasons of My Love." He tells Bronn that the first woman he ever bedded used to sing that song, and it has been stuck in his head ever since. He goes on to tell the story of their meeting.

When he was thirteen, Tyrion was riding back to Casterly Rock from Lannisport with Jaime when they encountered a girl named Tysha being chased by bandits. After they saved the girl, Jaime rode off to get help to hunt down the bandits while Tyrion took the girl to a nearby inn. She was a crofter's daughter orphaned when her father died of fever, but Tyrion drank too much wine and they had sex. Tyrion fell in love and married her in front of a drunken septon. For two weeks they played at being husband and wife at a cottage until the septon sobered up and told Lord Tywin. The furious lord first made Jaime tell the truth that Tysha was a whore he hired because he felt it was time Tyrion had his first woman.1 Then he gave Tysha to his guards, making them each pay a silver piece to take her. When they were done, Tywin made Tyrion go last, but for a gold piece because a Lannister is worth more. Bronn says he would kill any man that did that to him, and Tyrion says he may get that chance, for a Lannister always pays his debts.

Sometime later, they are accosted by about ten Stone Crows including their chief, Gunthor, Shagga, Conn, Torrek, and Jaggot. They are about to kill Tyrion, but he promises to deliver them suitable weapons and armor from his father so they can take the Vale.



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  • 1 - This footnote contains details from a later book (ASOS 78). Click to show.


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