Tower of the Hand

Book 1, Chapter 49.
Jon, Sam and several others are raised to the Night's Watch. Ghost discovers a rotting hand beyond the Wall.
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Sam comes up to Jon and says he is to be raised to the Night's Watch with the others. He will assist Maester Aemon with the ravens and the library as Jon had suggested. They join Todder, Pypar, Albett, Halder, Matthar, Grenn, and Dareon in the sept, where Septon Cellador is preparing for the ceremony. Soon Maester Aemon, leaning on Clydas, Jeor Mormont, Alliser Thorne, Bowen Marsh, Othell Yarwyck, and Jaremy Rykker, who is acting first ranger with Benjen missing, arrive. Jeor explains the ceremony and the oath and asks if there are any who keep to the old gods. Jon speaks up, and Sam decides to swear to them as well. Jeor explains that Castle Black has no godswood, but that there is a grove on the edge of the haunted forest where they may swear. Next, he gives out assignments. Halder and Albett join the builders, Grenn, Pypar, Matthar, and Todder the rangers, and Sam, Dareon, and Jon the stewards. Jon is shocked and hurt and figures this was retribution by Ser Alliser. Bowen assigns Sam to Maester Aemon, replacing Chett who will go to the kennels, and sends Dareon to Eastwatch to aid Borcas, the head steward there, in dealing with traders. Jon is to be Lord Commander Mormont's personal steward; the lord commander selected him personally. Jon is furious, but Sam points out that he is probably being groomed for command. Late in the afternoon, Sam and Jon set out with Bowen Marsh and an escort, including Dywen, to the edge of the forest. Ghost comes too. They kneel before a grove of nine weirwood trees and take their vows. Afterwards, Ghost comes up to Jon with a rotted human hand in his jaws.


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