Tower of the Hand

Book 1, Chapter 54.
Robb has called the banners of the North and Bran hosts the Karstarks. Robb marches south.
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Robb has called the banners. The Karstarks are the last to arrive with 300 horse and 2,000 foot from Karhold. Bran watches them arrive on Hodor's shoulders with Maester Luwin. Hodor is carrying him around in a basket that the maester devised. Bran has been confined to the castle for his safety since the incident in the woods. Lord Rickard Karstark rides at the head of his men accompanied by his sons, Harrion, Torrhen, and Eddard. Other houses that have arrived in recent days include Glover, Mormont, Bolton, Hornwood, Cerwyn, Tallhart, and Umber. Robb hosts them each in turn. Maester Luwin tells Bran that the Karstarks bring the total to 12,000 men, of which 3,000 are horse. The houses Manderly and Flint will join Robb on the way south to the Riverlands. The castle and town are full to bursting, and Robb must march soon.

Bran decides to go to the godswood. Hodor carries him in the wicker basket on his shoulders. Some Karstark men stare at him, so he calls Summer to unnerve them. As he passes the forge, Bran sees Mikken hard at work. When he arrives, he gives a prayer for Robb, Catelyn, Arya, Sansa, Eddard, and Rickon and thinks back over the events of the last few days. Rickon has been wild since learning that Robb is leaving. He ran to the crypts with Shaggydog and slashed at the people who came after him with a sword. Shaggydog has been wild too, and they were forced to chain him up. Robb has grown greatly recently. His bannermen tried to test him. Roose Bolton, Robett Glover, and Maege Mormont all disputed his authority, while Medger Cerwyn and Halys Hornwood both tried to flatter him with gifts. Greatjon Umber was the worst, threatening to leave and then insulting Robb and unsheathing his sword until Grey Wind tackled him and bit off two fingers. After this incident, the Greatjon became Robb's staunchest supporter. Sansa's note arrived, and Robb was incredulous and wonders what is wrong with her. Bran says she lost her wolf, thinking back to when Lady's bones arrived at Winterfell.

As Bran finishes his prayers, the leaves rustle in the wind, and Osha comes in and says this means the old gods are listening, but are sad because they cannot watch over those in the south due to a lack of weirwoods. She has been working as a kitchen servant and comes to the godswood to pray from time to time. She also says that the gods have no power in the south because the weirwoods are gone. She has been trying to warn Robb that the Others are coming, but is being ignored. That is the reason she fled south, unlike Mance Rayder, who was resolved to stand and fight, which she considers a stubborn and stupid move by a Night's Watch deserter from the Shadow Tower. That evening, Bran hosts the Karstarks, and Rickard's sons mock his handicap. Two days later, Robb marches south with Hallis Mollen, Theon Greyjoy and his lords bannermen.


Active Characters

  1. Jon Umber - He is huge.
  2. Jonelle Cerwyn - She is a plump, homely maid of thirty years.
  3. Maege Mormont - She is stout, grey-haired and dressed in mail like a man.
  4. Medger Cerwyn - He is soft-spoken.


  1. Giants - Giants live in the far north and can grow as big as thirteen feet. Men and women alike have beards. The women sometimes take human men as lovers.
  2. Knights - To be raised to knighthood, one must stand vigil in a sept and be consecrated with the seven oils.
  3. Wildlings - The wildlings worship the old gods.


  1. The Dreadfort - The keep supposedly has a room where the Boltons hang the skins of defeated enemies.


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