Tower of the Hand

Book 1, Chapter 59.
Varys comes to Eddard in the dungeons and tells him that if he confesses his "crimes" he will be allowed to join the Night's Watch.
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Eddard lies in the dungeon for days, delirious with pain and infection. He thinks of events past and present and ponders the future and his own foolishness. Eventually, his mind wanders to the year of the false spring when he was eighteen and down from the Eyrie for the great tournament at Harrenhal. He remembers Brandon, Robert going wild in the melee, and Jaime Lannister kneeling in front of the king's pavilion and taking the vows of the Kingsguard with all six of his new brothers in attendance.1 Prince Rhaegar Targaryen owned the field that day, unhorsing all comers, including Brandon, Yohn Royce, and Arthur Dayne. Eddard remembers the moment when all the smiles died as Rhaegar rode past his own wife, Elia, to name Lyanna queen of love and beauty and give her a crown of winter roses. Thoughts of Lyanna once again make Eddard consider the promise he made her as she lay dying.

After many days, Varys comes down to see him disguised as a gaoler. He informs Eddard that Cersei will come down to see him the next day and ask him to confess his crimes and order his son to lay down his arms. If Eddard does so, he will be permitted to join the Night's Watch rather than be executed. Eddard at first refuses, but Varys lets him know that Sansa may pay the price in that case. Eddard realizes he has no choice.


  1. Appearing: Eddard Stark, Varys

Active Characters

  1. Varys - He was an actor in a mummer's troupe before he became a eunuch.


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