Tower of the Hand

Book 1, Chapter 72.
Robb is proclaimed King in the North by the great lords of the north and the riverlands.
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Robb and Catelyn prepare to enter Riverrun by boat. Theon and Grey Wind are in the boat with them, and the Greatjon, Lord Rickard, and Ser Brynden are in the next boat. They are greeted by Ser Edmure, Lord Tytos, and Utherydes Wayn who offer condolences to Catelyn for Eddard's death. Edmure takes Catelyn to see Hoster, who is dying. He is happy to see her, but seems extremely disappointed that Lysa did not come too.1 He also asks if Brynden has wed yet, as his refusal to marry Bethany Redwyne at Hoster's order is the main cause of their quarrel. She goes looking for Robb and finds him praying in the godswood, so she waits. When he is done, he comes and tells her that Renly has declared himself king and he must call a council to decide what to do.

The great lords all gather. Hoster is too sick, so Edmure is there for him with Ser Brynden at his side. Arrayed around him are Lord Jonos, Lord Tytos, Lord Jason, Ser Marq, Ser Stevron, Karyl Vance, now a lord with the death of his father, and Lyman Darry, son of the late Ser Raymun. All the lords of the north are there too, Robb, Theon, Rickard, Maege, Galbart, and the Greatjon. Roose has reported that he has reformed his army at the causeway before Moat Cailin, while Lord Tywin has crossed the Trident and is making for Harrenhal. There is great disagreement over what to do next. Ser Marq urges a strike at Casterly Rock, while Lord Tytos wants to finish Tywin at Harrenhal. Lord Jonos feels they should declare for Renly and squeeze Tywin between them, and Lord Jason says they should bide their time since they are blocking Tywin's line of supply. Ser Stevron thinks they should make peace and see who wins between Joffrey and Renly, but is shouted down. Robb is undecided. Joffrey is the true king, but he cannot bow to the Lannisters with his father executed. Renly has the might of the Reach and the Stormlands, but Stannis has the better claim. Catelyn makes an impassioned plea for peace, but she is shouted down. Finally, the Greatjon jumps up and says he has had his fill of these kings; he will bow to Robb as the King in the North. Soon, all the lords of the north and the riverlands alike are rising to their feet and offering fealty to Robb.


Active Characters

  1. Edmure Tully - He is stocky with shaggy auburn hair and beard and blue eyes.
  2. Hoster Tully - He used to be a stout man with brown hair and beard streaked with gray. Now he is thin and shrunken with snow white hair.
  3. Lyman Darry - He is eight.
  4. Tytos Blackwood - He is slender with close-cropped salt-and-pepper whiskers and a hooked nose.


  1. Stone Hedge - Stone Hedge is now a smoking ruin thanks to Gregor Clegane.


Warning: Footnotes may contain spoilers from later chapters or books.
  • 1 - This footnote contains details from a later book (ASOS 81). Click to show.


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