Tower of the Hand

Book 2, Chapter 2.
Arya travels north with Yoren and a bunch of recruits bound for the Wall.
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After Yoren pulled Arya into the alley,1 he shaved her head and informed her she would be known as Arry the orphan and pretend she is a boy. She is now on the road north with Yoren and thirty recruits for the Night's Watch culled mostly from the dungeons.2 The worst of them are three criminals that are kept in one of the wagons in chains; one of them has no nose, and another is fat and bald with pointed teeth and weeping sores on his cheeks.3 There are also wagons full of supplies for the Watch. Yoren plans to take Arya back to Winterfell on his way to the Wall. There are two orphan boys from the streets, a former dyer's apprentice and thief named Lommy Greenhands and the son of a baker nicknamed Hot Pie, who tease Arya and call her Lumpyhead. One day, Lommy and Hot Pie taunt Arya about Needle and threaten to hurt her if she does not give it to them, even after the Bull, an older and stronger boy that was given that name by the other boys because of the bull's head helmet he always carries,4 tells them to back off, so Arya attacks them with her wooden practice sword and beats Hot Pie mercilessly until Yoren breaks it up. He takes her aside and whacks her with the wooden sword three times and tells her to behave. He also tells her that a man had come to him with a boy,4 some gold, and a promise that Eddard would be joining the Watch too.5 Arya realizes that her father was supposed to live, but Joffrey killed him anyway. After the incident, the orphan boys avoid her.


Active Characters

  1. Hot Pie - He is fat with straw-colored hair.
  2. Lommy Greenhands - His arms are mottled green up to his elbows.


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