Tower of the Hand

Book 2, Chapter 5.
Bran thinks about the comet and the Walders and enters Summer as a warg.
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Bran lies abed listening to Summer and Shaggydog howl. He has dreamt often of wolves recently and feels he can almost understand what the two direwolves are saying. They howl all the time now. Osha says they are howling because they know what is coming. The comet has caused quite a bit of consternation. Osha says it stands for blood and fire to come, Septon Chayle thinks it is a sign of summer's end, soon confirmed by the arrival of a white raven, and Old Nan, who cannot see very well but claims she can smell the comet, says it means dragons are coming. The direwolves have been locked in the godswood since Shaggydog bit Little Walder. Bran decides to howl with them, bringing a guard, Hayhead, in to see what is going on. Bran keeps howling, and Hayhead brings Maester Luwin, who tells him to sleep. Bran describes the dreams he has. Sometimes, he dreams of a great weirwood. Other times he dreams he is a wolf. He is frustrated because he is not allowed to send Big Walder and Little Walder away and because he tried to ride out of the castle on Dancer but Alebelly would not let him out the gate since it is too dangerous. He keeps howling, and Maester Luwin leaves.

Bran thinks about the Walders. Big Walder is actually smaller than Little Walder, but is the older of the two by fifty-two days, which is how he got the name. They explain that there are many other Walders as well, including Black Walder, fourth in the Frey succession, Red Walder, and Walder Rivers. There are also several girls named Walda and a Waltyr Frey as well. He does not like the Walders because they insist on playing a game called lord of the crossing that he cannot play because he is lame. The game has attracted many of the children of the castle, such as the cook's boy Turnip,1 Joseth's girls Bandy and Shyra, the kennel girl Palla, Cayn's son Calon, and Fat Tom's son TomToo. One day, Rickon came to play too, but after Little Walder whacked him with a stick as part of the game, Shaggydog attacked him. Ironically, Rickon became good friends with them after that. Maester Luwin returns with Osha and a sleeping potion. Right before Bran falls asleep, Osha tells him that he should not fight the wolf dreams, as the gods may be trying to talk to him. When he falls asleep, he dreams that he is Summer in the godswood and thinks that he must escape into the wider world or die.2


Active Characters

  1. Walder Frey - He is tall and stout with a red face and a round belly.
  2. Walder Frey - He is sharp-faced and skinny.


Warning: Footnotes may contain spoilers from later chapters or books.
  • 1 - In this chapter, Turnip is called a cook's boy; in the appendix, the character is identified as a pot girl.
  • 2 - He has actually entered Summer as a warg.


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