Tower of the Hand

Book 2, Chapter 13.
Daenerys leads her people into the red waste, following her comet. She ends up at Vaes Tolorro, where three seekers come from Qarth to see her dragons.
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Daenerys decides to follow her comet wherever it may take her, though it leads her people through the barren red lands. Food is scarce and water scarcer, and men and horses begin dying daily, including Doreah. One day, she decides on names for her dragons, derived from those she has lost. Her green dragon is named Rhaegal, her cream-and-gold colored dragon is Viserion, and her black dragon is Drogon. They begin growing after she realizes they will only eat cooked meat. They finally come across a city. Though it is abandoned and ruined, there is water and fig trees. Irri and Jhiqui are scared there will be ghosts, but Daenerys decides they need to rest there and recover strength.

After they are settled in, Daenerys asks Ser Jorah about his wife, and he tells his story. Lynesse Hightower was his second wife, youngest daughter of Lord Leyton Hightower and grandniece of Lord Commander Ser Gerold Hightower of the Kingsguard. His first wife had been of House Glover, but in ten years of marriage that were more dutiful than passionate; she miscarried three times and died not long after the third. By the time his wife died, he was lord of Bear Island, as his father, Jeor, had joined the Night's Watch, but before he could remarry, Balon Greyjoy declared himself a king. In the final assault on Pyke, Jorah was one of the first through the breach made in the castle wall, and he was knighted for valor. After the victory, a great tournament was held at Lannisport in celebration. Lynesse was there to see her brothers joust, and Jorah immediately fell for the maiden half his age. Jorah begged for and was granted her favor, and despite being an indifferent tourney rider, he overcame a string of formidable opponents culminating with a draw against Jaime Lannister after which Robert named him the victor. He crowned Lynesse queen of love and beauty and somewhat surprisingly gained Lord Leyton's consent to wed her. For a fortnight they were happy, but then they returned to Bear Island, which was a simple place without any of the luxuries Lynesse was used to. Jorah went into debt acquiring a cook, a harper, jewels, and clothes, and built a ship so they could sail to Lannisport and Oldtown for festivals and fairs, but she was never happy and the money finally ran out. This is why he sold poachers into slavery and then fled to Lys with Lynesse rather than face Lord Eddard's judgment. She left him after half a year and while he became a sellsword she moved into the manse of a merchant prince named Tregar Ormollen, where she is now his chief concubine. Jorah ends by saying Lynesse looked like Daenerys, and she realizes Ser Jorah wants her as a woman.

Daenerys's people name the city Vaes Tolorro, the city of bones. She sends Aggo, Jhogo, and Rakharo in different directions to find civilization. Aggo and Rakharo return empty-handed, but Jhogo, who was following the path of the comet, discovers the city of Qarth and returns with three who would see dragons; the warlock Pyat Pree, Xaro Xhoan Daxos of the Thirteen and Quaithe of the Shadow.


Active Characters

  1. Pyat Pree - He is pale and has blue lips.
  2. Xaro Xhoan Daxos - He is bald and has a jewel in his nose.


  1. Bear Island - Bear Island is a remote place of tall pines and moss-covered rocks. Its people live on the coast and fish. The Mormont hall is built of great logs and surrounded by a wooden palisade.
  2. The Red Lands - A harsh desert with no animal life and little plant life. There are at least three ruined cities in the desert, including one that Daenerys and her followers named Vaes Tolorro.
  3. Vaes Tolorro - A ruined city in the red lands. The walls and buildings of the city are all white.


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