Tower of the Hand

Book 2, Chapter 34.
Renly is killed by a mysterious shade. Catelyn and Brienne flee Renly's camp.
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Catelyn prays in the sept as Ser Wendel and Ser Robar wait outside. As she prays, she reflects on many subjects, including the former septon of Riverrun, Osmynd; her mother,1 who died in childbirth along with her newborn son; and Cersei. Catelyn believes that the children were incestuous based on all the evidence and believes that is why Bran was pushed off the tower. Ser Robar comes in when it is time to go. They approach Renly's tent, which is guarded by two of the Rainbow Guard, Ser Emmon Cuy and Ser Parmen Crane. Renly is inside. Brienne is dressing him for battle while Lord Mathis and Lord Randyll confer with him. Both want to launch the attack immediately, but Renly insists on waiting until dawn since that is when Stannis expects him and he does not want to win through treachery. He also orders that Stannis's corpse not be desecrated. Lord Randyll asks what to do if Stannis yields and Mathis says that is unlikely considering his obstinacy at the siege of Storm's End during Robert's Rebellion. Renly agrees and tells how the master-at-arms, Ser Gawen Wylde, and three other knights had tried to sneak out of the castle and were caught by Stannis. He decided to hurl them over the walls with a catapult and already had Gawen strapped down when Maester Cressen convinced him that they might eventually have to eat their dead and there was no point in wasting good meat. Ser Gawen was placed in a cell instead, where he died before the siege was lifted. After the two lords leave, Catelyn says her piece. She tells Renly of Bran's accident and its implications and tells Renly that he, Stannis, and Robb should set aside their crowns and call a Great Council to prove the incest and choose a new king. Renly does not like the idea at all. He is about to say more when a shadow enters the room and slits his throat. Brienne holds him as he dies. Ser Emmon and Ser Robar come rushing in. Ser Emmon attacks Brienne immediately with two men-at-arms. Ser Robar hesitates, and Catelyn pleads with him, swearing Brienne's innocence and asserting that it was Stannis who did it somehow. Ser Robar agrees to hold the others at bay. Catelyn stuns Ser Emmon with a brazier, and she and Brienne escape out the back of the tent. Catelyn tells Brienne about the shadow and swears she could feel Stannis's presence inside the tent. Brienne swears she will kill him. They return to Catelyn's escort, and Catelyn tells Hallis to prepare to ride. Ser Wendel and Ser Perwyn form up beside her, and she tells Brienne to take a horse and come with them.


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