Tower of the Hand

Book 2, Chapter 36.
Jojen tells Bran that according to his dreams he is going to die.
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Alebelly comes to get Bran because there has been a message from Robb. He takes him to Maester Luwin's turret, where Rickon, Big Walder, and Little Walder have already gathered. Maester Luwin tells them of the victory at Oxcross and also that Robb has taken several castles, including Ashemark, the seat of House Marbrand. Ser Stevron took a wound in the fighting at Oxcross and died three days later. The Walders are not particularly upset, and Bran realizes that this is the fulfillment of Jojen's dream.1 The Walders proceed to debate who is next in line, with Little Walder asking if it is Ser Emmon and Big Walder pointing out that Stevron's eldest son Ryman is next, followed by his sons Edwyn, Black Walder, and Petyr, then Aegon and all his sons.2 Bran asks to be excused and Osha comes and takes him back to his room. Jojen and Meera arrive soon after. Jojen tells him that he dreamt of the sea rising to drown Winterfell and many men drowned, including Alebelly, Septon Chayle, and Mikken.3 Bran tells them of his dreams, and Jojen once again tells him he must open his third eye. Bran tries to warn Alebelly, Septon Chayle, and Mikken, but he is not believed, except by Alebelly who does not bathe for a week for fear of drowning. Ser Rodrik returns several days later with a prisoner, Reek.4 Ramsay is dead,5 but so is Lady Donella. After the marriage, Ramsay locked her in a tower and starved her to death. Before she died, she signed a will naming Ramsay her heir. Now Bolton and Manderly men are fighting in the Hornwood lands. Maester Luwin says that men have been raiding the Stony Shore.6 Leobald has sent Benfred to deal with them. Bran tells Ser Rodrik about Jojen's dream, but he is no more believing than anyone else. That night, Bran talks to Jojen again, who tells him that he saw Reek murdering Bran and Rickon and skinning off their faces. Jojen says they are going to die and there is nothing that can be done.7


Warning: Footnotes may contain spoilers from later chapters or books.
  • 1 - ACOK 29
  • 2 - Aegon does not have any sons and most likely never will, being a half-wit. This could just be two boys failing to keep track of everyone in their large family.
  • 3 - This footnote contains details from a later chapter (ACOK 47). Click to show.
  • 4 - This footnote contains details from a later chapter (ACOK 67). Click to show.
  • 5 - This footnote contains details from a later chapter (ACOK 67). Click to show.
  • 6 - Theon's raiders (ACOK 25)
  • 7 - This footnote contains details from a later chapter (ACOK 57). Click to show.


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