Tower of the Hand

Book 2, Chapter 37.
Upon learning of Renly's death, Tyrion sends Lord Petyr to treat with Loras and attempt to secure a Tyrell alliance.
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Varys reports to Cersei, Tyrion, and Petyr that Renly is dead. Renly's foot remains at Bitterbridge, but most of his followers at Storm's End have gone over to Stannis. Lord Alester Florent was the first to go over, but Loras Tyrell, Mathis Rowan, and Randyll Tarly did not. Ser Cortnay still holds out in Storm's End. In all, one-fifth of Renly's knights left with Loras. Loras slew Ser Robar and Ser Emmon in a blind rage when he learned of Renly's death. Tyrion tells the others that this is an opportunity. He proposes they send an envoy to Bitterbridge to treat with Loras and win the Tyrells to their side. As part of the deal, they should betroth Joffrey to Margaery. Cersei resists the betrothal proposal at first, but relents. Cersei and Tyrion try to make each other the envoy to get a rival out of the city, and Petyr volunteers to go instead. He negotiates an escort of three hundred gold cloaks and twenty knights. Ser Hobber will be part of the escort and released to woo Lord Paxter. Lord Petyr says he will ride out before morning. When the meeting is over, Cersei, flanked by Ser Preston, tells Tyrion that he has been a big help and even kisses him on the brow. Tyrion thinks she is planning something and tells Bronn to find out what.



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