Tower of the Hand

Book 2, Chapter 39.
Lord Tywin marches from Harrenhal. Arya has Jaqen kill Weese.
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Lord Tywin is preparing to march. Ser Addam left the day before with the outriders. Arya is worried that all the people she hates will be leaving and that Jaqen will too before she can have anyone else killed. She learns that Ser Gregor and his men will go, as Ser Gregor will lead the van, but Ser Amory is staying as castellan of Harrenhal. Vargo Hoat will be staying as well. Weese has her carry various messages all day. She goes to the forge to see the blacksmith, Lucan, about a sword for Ser Lyonel. Gendry tells her that Hot Pie asked him if Arya had yelled Winterfell during the battle at the holdfast. Gendry told him he heard wrong, and he warns Arya to be careful. Weese hits her for taking too long getting the sword, and Arya resolves to have him killed. On her way to take a message to Tuffleberry, the brewer, she runs into Rorge, who threatens her until she mentions Jaqen's name. He grows fearful and tells her he is in the bathhouse. She goes there and whispers Weese's name in Jaqen's ear before delivering the message to the brewer. The next morning, the Lannister host marches out with Lord Tywin and Ser Kevan at its head. Ser Gregor rides out near the end with Polliver carrying his banner. She realizes that she should have called for Tywin's death and tries to find Jaqen, hoping it is not too late. She hears a commotion and sees Weese lying on the ground with his dog taking bites out of his corpse. Amabel says the ghosts of Harrenhal caused the death. Arya looks up to the walls and sees Jaqen, who casually lays two fingers against his cheek.


Active Characters

  1. Addam Marbrand - He has copper-colored hair that falls past his shoulders.


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