Tower of the Hand

Book 2, Chapter 42.
Myrcella leaves King's Landing for Dorne. Joffrey, Tyrion and much of the court are caught in a riot on the way back to the Red Keep from the docks. Sandor saves Sansa from the mob.
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Tyrion watches from King Robert's Hammer as Myrcella bids farewell to Joffrey and Tommen on Seaswift. Rob's Hammer will be the lead ship in her escort that will also include Lionstar, Bold Wind, and Lady Lyanna. Once Myrcella has reached Braavos, Doran will move his banners north in a feint to make the Marcher lords and Stannis uneasy. He refuses to actually give battle unless Dorne is attacked. The Braavosi will see Myrcella the rest of the way to Dorne. Tyrion feels that Stannis would not risk the wrath of the most powerful of the Free Cities just to seize Myrcella and that she will be safer that way. Ser Arys is going with Myrcella as a sworn shield. The High Septon blesses Myrcella, and then the ships prepare to sail. Bronn escorts Tyrion off the ship and to Cersei, who is attended by Lancel. Lancel has informed Tyrion that Cersei has engaged the services of a hedge knight named Osmund Kettleblack and his brothers Osney and Osfryd to hire a force of sellswords for her to counter Tyrion. Bronn is paying the three brothers to charm her and make promises to her but never actually deliver.1 As the ships disappear from sight, Cersei orders the party back to the Red Keep. Ser Jacelyn leads the way, with Ser Balon and Ser Aron carrying the king's banners behind him. Joffrey and Sansa come next, flanked by Sandor and Ser Mandon; followed by Tommen and Ser Preston; then Cersei, Lancel, Ser Meryn, Ser Boros, and Tyrion; then the High Septon. Behind him is a stream of courtiers, including Ser Horas, Lady Tanda, Lollys, Lord Gyles and Jalabhar Xho.

The crowd is sullen on either side as they pass by. At one point, a woman steps out in front of the party with her dead baby. She starts calling Cersei a brotherfucker, and someone throws dung at Joffrey. Furious, he calls upon Sandor to find the culprit. The crowd gets restless and starts taunting. Soon, they are shouting for bread and surging forward. Tyrion gallops through the crowd and makes it back to the castle. Joffrey also makes it, as do Bronn, Ser Mandon, Cersei, Tommen, Ser Lancel, Ser Meryn, Ser Boros, Ser Balon, Ser Horas, Tanda, Lord Gyles, and Jalabhar. Furious with Joffrey, Tyrion hits him and kicks him for his stupidity. Sansa is not in the castle. Tyrion demands that the Kingsguard go back and find her, as Jaime is as good as dead if she is harmed. He insults Ser Boros, who nearly attacks him, when Sandor rides in with Sansa. She has minor wounds, and Maester Frenken comes forward to tend to her. Sandor says that Ser Aron was held down by four men who took turns hitting his head with a cobblestone. Someone yells that Flea Bottom is on fire. Tyrion orders Bronn to take as many men as necessary to guard the water wagons and make sure the fire is put out; Flea Bottom is expendable, but the fire must not be allowed to spread beyond that area. He tells Sandor to go too, and he grudgingly agrees. Tyrion sees fear in his eyes for an instant and realizes that Sandor is absolutely terrified of fire. He tells Ser Meryn, Ser Boros and Ser Mandon to each take a herald in a different direction and tell people to return to their homes. Ser Meryn refuses, but Cersei lambastes him and forces compliance. Tyrion next wakes Shagga and orders him to guard Shae.

By nightfall, the fires are out and most of the mobs dispersed. Ser Jacelyn comes to Tyrion and gives the final tally. The High Septon was ripped apart by the mob, while Ser Preston was hacked and stabbed to death, and Ser Aron had his head bashed in. Lollys was gang raped, and both Tyrek and the High Septon's crown are missing. Nine gold cloaks were killed and over forty wounded. Tyrion orders Tyrek found immediately, as he is the son of Tyrion's late uncle Tygett, who was always kind to him. Ser Jacelyn warns that the whole city is turning against the Lannisters in general and Tyrion in particular. They do not blame Joffrey for their ills, as he is only a boy, but rather his councilors. Tyrion is misshapen and ugly, and many of his acts, such as dismissing Janos and Pycelle from the small council are rumored to have sinister motives. Tyrion is disheartened that despite all the good he has tried to do he is so reviled. After Ser Jacelyn leaves, Tyrion has Podrick summon Bronn and Varys. Bronn suggests killing Joffrey so the more pliable Tommen will ascend to the throne, but Tyrion refuses to contemplate the murder of his own kin. The three men get down to the business of trying to recover from the mess of the riot.


  1. King Robert's Hammer - Rob's Hammer, as her crew calls her, is a war galley of four hundred oars.


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