Tower of the Hand

Book 2, Chapter 47.
Theon captures Winterfell.
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Bran is inside Summer and hears strange noises in the night. He howls to raise the alarm, but no one hears. Shaggydog comes up; he has smelled it too. There are foes in the night. Summer hurls himself against the gates, but they will not budge. Bran gives him the thought of climbing one of the tall trees. Summer tries it, but falls, and Bran wakes up. He calls for his guards before remembering that no one is there. Ser Rodrik took most of the men from the castle and the nearby holdfasts eight days ago. All told, he has six hundred men and will be joined by three hundred more led by Cley Cerwyn. They are marching to relieve Torrhen's Square, which is besieged by Dagmer. Maester Luwin has been sending ravens to summon more men from White Harbor, the barrowlands, and the wolfswood. Werlag comes into Bran's room, followed by Theon, who informs Bran that he has taken Winterfell. He sent four men over the walls, and they opened a postern gate to let the others in. He tells Bran that he will bring everyone to the Great Hall, where Bran will yield the castle to him, and then leaves. Maester Luwin arrives after a while. He says that Alebelly was killed and Hayhead wounded. He got two birds off before he was taken. The one to White Harbor got away, but the other was shot down. He tells Bran he must protect his smallfolk and yield the castle. Lorren comes to get him, and they are joined on the way to the Great Hall by Rickon, Meera, Jojen, Little Walder, and Big Walder. When they arrive, Theon is sitting in the high seat. Others that have been herded in include Old Nan, Hayhead, Poxy Tym, Beth, Gage, Osha, Mikken, Farlen, Palla, Septon Chayle, and Hodor. Reek is brought in last of all.1 As Theon begins to speak, Mikken continually insults him until Stygg finally kills him. Hodor starts bellowing, and Theon has his men beat the stableboy bloody. Reek speaks up and says Theon will need men, and Theon accepts him into his service. Osha speaks up as well, saying she resents being in the kitchens and wants to fight again. After she disarms Stygg, Theon agrees to take her as well. Theon dismisses the assembled crowd after that, and Hodor takes Bran back to his room.


Active Characters

  1. Lorren - He is squat and thick-bodied with a coal-black beard that covers half his chest.
  2. Stygg - He is bald.


Warning: Footnotes may contain spoilers from later chapters or books.
  • 1 - This footnote contains details from a later chapter (ACOK 67). Click to show.


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