Tower of the Hand

Book 2, Chapter 48.
Arya enlists Jaqen's help in rescuing a group of newly-arrived northmen captives, who it turns out allowed themselves to be captured on purpose in order to take the castle. Roose Bolton arrives and takes charge of Harrenhal.
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Arya is talking to Hot Pie in the kitchens when she hears two horn blasts and the front gate opening. It is the first time the gate has opened since Tywin left. Arya goes to see what is happening. Vargo Hoat and the Brave Companions have returned with plunder and prisoners. Ser Amory comes out and demands to know what is going on. Vargo says that Lord Roose had tried to cross the river, but the Brave Companions routed his van. The captives include the commander of the van, Robett and Ser Aenys Frey. Ser Amory tells Ser Cadwyn to take them to the dungeon. Arya notices Pinkeye, her new boss with Weese's death, and decides to slip off before she is seen. She passes the armory and sees Gendry, who asks what is going on. Arya asks him to help her aid the northmen in escaping, but he refuses. He says that one of the smiths, Ben Blackthumb, has smithed at Harrenhal for three generations of Whents and has said who is master of the castle is not important. He means to stay on. She runs to the godswood, where she has hidden a broken broom handle she uses to do the exercises Syrio taught her. After a while, she prays before the heart tree. Afterwards, Jaqen makes his presence known. He is weary of waiting and wants a third name. He also reveals that he knows she is Arya Stark. She asks him to help her free the northmen, but he says he will only kill the one person. She finally names Jaqen. Shocked and distraught, Jaqen tries to get her to take it back, but she will not unless he helps free the northmen. He reluctantly agrees, calling her an evil child, and says they will do so immediately.

Jaqen sends Arya to the kitchen to get broth and says he will come shortly. She goes and orders the cook to make the broth. He sends her to fetch Pia to serve the Brave Companions, which she does and then returns. After a while, Jaqen comes with Rorge and Biter. They take several cauldrons of broth to the dungeons, where they hurl them at the guards before killing them. After they open the gates, Robett introduces himself and asks if they are with the Brave Companions; apparently Vargo was going to betray Harrenhal to Roose. Rorge laughs and says they are now. The northmen quickly fan out to take control of the castle, and Arya and Jaqen are left alone. Arya takes back his name, and Jaqen passes a hand before his face. When he is done, he has fuller cheeks, eyes that are closer together, a hooked nose, a scar on his right cheek, and a tight cap of dark curls.1 An astonished Arya asks how he did it and whether he can teach her. Jaqen says she must come with him across the narrow sea to learn. She is still intent on getting to Winterfell, so he gives her an iron coin instead. He tells her that if she ever wants to find him again she should show the coin to any Braavosi and say the words valar morghulis. After Jaqen leaves, she returns to bed.

The next morning, Pinkeye tells the servants that Harrenhal has fallen and the new lord will be there before evening. When Roose arrives, he confers with Robett and Ser Aenys, and then speaks to Rorge and Biter. At that moment, one of the Brave Companions, Shagwell the Fool, grabs Arya and brings her forward, saying that she is the one responsible for the soup. Lord Roose regards her and asks a few questions, including her name. She says it is Nymeria, though Nan for short. He decides to make her his cupbearer for as long as he is at Harrenhal. That evening, she attends him and Vargo as Ser Amory is fed to a bear.


Active Characters

  1. Arya Stark - She is now ten.
  2. Mebble - Everyone calls him Pinkeye for his runny eyes.


  1. Harrenhal - The godswood of Harrenhal has a weirwood heart tree.


Warning: Footnotes may contain spoilers from later chapters or books.
  • 1 - He is a Faceless Man, and they apparently have the ability to change their facial appearance.


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