Tower of the Hand

Book 2, Chapter 53.
Sansa experiences her first flowering.
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Sansa is in the godswood talking to Dontos. There are fires everywhere outside the city. Stannis has burned much of the kingswood trying to ferret out the clansmen, while Tyrion has burned all the buildings outside the city walls. Lord Stannis is still on his way, but his vanguard has arrived. The royal fleet has been trading shots with Stannis's men. Ser Guyard commands the vanguard, which is three thousand strong. Dontos tells her that a ship will come to take her away soon. Sansa leaves, but instead of going back to her room, she goes up to the roof to look over the city. She feels a sudden stab of pain and fear and nearly falls, but Sandor moves out of the shadows to catch her. Sansa thinks back to how Sandor saved her from the mob and tries to thank him, but he is bitter and full of anger. He talks of his pleasure for killing. Sansa asks if he is afraid of the coming battle and of dying and being sent to some hell by the gods. Sandor denies the gods and says that the world is cruel and there are no true knights. Sansa cannot bear to hear any more and leaves. That night, she dreams of the mob again, and awakes the next morning covered in blood; her first period has begun. Frantic, she tries to wash off the blood and hide the event so she will not be married to Joffrey. She starts trying to burn her sheets and even her bed to hide the stains when three servants stop her. They bathe and dress her and take her to Cersei, who talks of her own marriage and the birthing of her children. Robert would always go hunting when her time was near. She tells Sansa that she knows it will be hard being married to Joffrey, but that she will love her children. Cersei says Robert always wanted to be loved, as does Tyrion. As far as she is concerned, love is fatal.



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