Tower of the Hand

Book 2, Chapter 56.
Catelyn goes to the dungeons to speak with Jaime.
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Catelyn and Brienne eat alone in the Great Hall, while outside, the castle celebrates Edmure's victory and Robb's recent capture of the Crag. She has learned that Bran and Rickon are dead.1 Maester Vyman received the word from Ser Rodrik, who is marching to retake Winterfell. Catelyn tells Brienne what happened. She is torn by grief and despair. She talks of her daughters and how she wants to kill Theon and all the Lannisters. Catelyn has sent wine to Jaime and bids Brienne to come with her to the dungeons at midnight. She goes to see Hoster, but he is asleep. She tells Maester Vyman to go join in the celebration and then sits with her father for hours, until Brienne comes to tell her it is midnight. They go to the dungeons, where she leaves Brienne to see that she is not disturbed, and she enters Jaime's cell.

Jaime has not touched the wine. He has not been allowed to shave since his capture, and he has a thick yellow beard and long dirty hair. He is arrogant at first, but just as Catelyn is about to leave, he says he will cooperate. He agrees to tell her what she wants to know in exchange for information on what is happening in Westeros. Jaime admits to fathering Joffrey, Myrcella, and Tommen and to flinging Bran from a window. Catelyn asks him about the assassination attempt on Bran, and he says the Lannisters are innocent. Catelyn tells him of the dagger and how Tyrion won it from Petyr, but Jaime says that Tyrion never bets against him. He did remember the dagger changing hands though, because Robert showed it to him afterwards as he mocked Jaime.2 He talks of Aerys and Brandon Stark. Brandon was on his way to Riverrun to marry Catelyn when he heard that Lyanna had been taken by Rhaegar. He rode into the Red Keep with Ethan Glover, Jeffory Mallister, Kyle Royce, and Elbert Arryn shouting for Rhaegar to come out and die. Rhaegar was not there, and Aerys had them all arrested for treason. Their fathers were summoned to answer the charges and then executed along with the sons, save for Ethan. Lord Rickard demanded trial by combat, and Aerys granted his request, declaring fire to be the champion of House Targaryen and having Rickard cooked in his armor. Brandon was bound, around his throat a cord attached to a Tyroshi device, and made to watch with his longsword just out of reach. He strangled himself trying to free him. Jaime notes the irony that he is loved by one for a kindness he never did and reviled by so many for his finest act.3 Now well and truly drunk, he begins insulting Catelyn and Eddard. Catelyn calls Brienne and asks for her sword.


Active Characters

  1. Robb Stark - He has just turned sixteen.


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