Tower of the Hand

Book 2, Chapter 58.
Sansa goes to Maegor's Holdfast to attend a banquet Cersei is holding during the battle with Stannis.
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Sansa listens to the singing in the sept. They have been singing prayers all morning, since Stannis's sails appeared. She is in the yard watching Joffrey arm for battle with Ser Meryn's help. Tyrion, flanked by Ser Mandon, sees her and speaks to her briefly before Joffrey calls her to him. He shows her his new sword, Hearteater, which has a ruby pommel cut in the shape of a heart set between a lion's jaws, and has her kiss the blade. He then rides off to take command of the three whores, flanked by Ser Meryn and Ser Osmund, with Tyrion and Ser Mandon following to the rear. Sansa goes to the sept and sings with the others for a while, but leaves as the septon prepares to ask the gods to bless Joffrey. Outside, she can just make out the sounds of battle over the singing. She makes her way to Maegor's Holdfast, where Cersei is hosting all the noblewomen of the city. She sees Lady Tanda and her daughters on their way in. Falyse has just arrived with a small troop of soldiers from Castle Stokeworth. Lollys, leaning on Shae, is balking at going onto the bridge. She finally has to be dragged. Sansa goes to the Queen's Ballroom, and notices Ser Ilyn there. She asks Osfryd, now the captain of the queen's new guard, which is composed of sellswords, why he is there, and the sellsword says the queen thinks he will be needed. Cersei arrives and the banquet begins.


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