Tower of the Hand

Book 2, Chapter 60.
Tyrion prepares to lead a charge out the King's Gate.
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Tyrion watches the ships burn in the river from the walls. Joffrey is there too and points out several ships of his fleet that are burning, Kingslander, Queen Cersei, Loyal Man, and Seaflower. Tyrion laments the loss of the fleet, but knows that Stannis would have never taken the bait without the ships there and that the fleet had been doomed anyway. Bronn is below at the towers and was responsible for raising the chain. The wildfire did not spread evenly, however. Many of the Myrish galleys escaped, as did much of Stannis's first and second lines. Eight ships landed troops, and there are still forty or so galleys ready to row Stannis's main force across the river. Tyrion sends a runner to Lord Jacelyn telling of the enemy below and sends another runner to tell Ser Arneld, commanding the Three Whores, to rotate his catapults thirty degrees. Joffrey is disappointed he is not with the Whores, as Cersei had promised he could command them. Tyrion gives his assent to go down to take charge. Joffrey had the Antler Men1 bound up naked with antlers nailed to their heads, and he is going to launch them from the Whores. Joffrey runs off, followed by Ser Meryn. Tyrion grabs Ser Osmund to remind him to keep the king safe. Another runner comes to tell Tyrion that hundreds of men have landed on the tournament grounds and are bringing a ram to the King's Gate. He gallops there, followed by Ser Mandon and Podrick. The ram is at the gate when he arrives. He orders a sortie, but Sandor refuses. He has led three sorties into the wildfire and refuses to go again. He is terrified. Tyrion realizes he must lead the charge himself, so he forms up the men and prepares to charge.


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