Tower of the Hand

Book 2, Chapter 63.
Cersei leaves the banquet and Sansa attempts to restore order. Tywin and Mace arrive and defeat Stannis.
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Ser Lancel comes to tell Cersei that the battle is lost, Tyrion and Ser Mandon are likely dead, and Sandor is missing. He is furious at Cersei for having Joffrey withdraw because as soon as the gold cloaks saw the king leave, they began throwing down their spears and running. Osney comes in to report that there is now fighting on both sides of the river and that Stannis's lords may be fighting among themselves. He also reports that Sandor is missing and adds that Ser Balon has fallen back to the city and conceded the riverside to Stannis. The gold cloaks are deserting en masse and killing their officers, while mobs have formed at the Iron Gate, the Gate of the Gods, and Flea Bottom. Cersei turns to Osfryd and orders him to raise the drawbridge of Maegor's Holdfast and asks after Joffrey. He is at the gatehouse commanding crossbowmen that are trying to hold back a mob. Cersei orders him withdrawn to the keep. Lancel refuses, saying it will be the Mud Gate all over again, but Cersei slams her palm into his wound and leaves.

Sansa gets up and takes charge, trying to comfort the other women gathered there and having Moon Boy begin doing tricks to create a distraction. She orders two servants to help Lancel. Dontos comes up to her and tells her to lock herself in her bedchamber. She runs up the stairs to her chamber and opens her curtains to behold the sights of the battle. She decides to sleep. Suddenly, a figure comes out of the shadows and grabs her; it is Sandor. He is more drunk than ever. He tells Sansa that he is leaving the city, but first he wants the song he was promised. He tells Sansa he could keep her safe so that no one would hurt her anymore. She refuses to look at his face, and he pulls a knife and tells her to sing or die. The only song she can think of is a hymn to the Mother, which she sings. Sandor begins to weep, rips off his white cloak, and leaves. After a while, all the bells in the city start ringing, and Sansa can hear cheers in the streets. Dontos comes and tells her that the battle is won. All the might of Highgarden and Casterly Rock attacked Stannis while he was crossing the river. Lord Tywin had the right, Lord Randyll the center, and Lord Mace the left. It was the vanguard that won the battle though, which was led by Renly himself,1 who slew a dozen knights, including Ser Guyard.


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