Tower of the Hand

Book 2, Chapter 65.
Arya, Gendry, and Hot Pie leave Harrenhal after Arya learns that Lord Roose means to give the castle to Vargo Hoat.
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Arya is walking back from the well with water. On the way, she passes the heads of those Lord Roose had killed as Lannister collaborators, including Maester Tothmure, who sent off ravens to Lord Tywin when the castle fell, Lucan the armorer, who made weapons for the Lannisters, Goodwife Harra, who told the household to serve Lord Tywin, and the steward of the castle, who gave Lord Tywin the keys to the vault. Goodwife Amabel stops her and points at Pia and several other girls that have been stripped, shaved, and placed in stocks for the use of any who want them as punishment for sleeping with Lannister troops, and warns that Arya will be put there next when Lord Roose loses Harrenhal. The castle is not a happy place. Gendry has been complaining to Arya that things are worse with Roose and the Brave Companions in charge. He finds the Brave Companions particularly despicable, as Septon Utt likes little boys, Qyburn is rumored to practice black magic, and Biter eats people. Vargo has been put in charge of finding Lannister collaborators. Every day, he rides out and finds those who aided Lord Tywin and kills a few more. Arya hates the Companions as well, including Shagwell, Rorge, and Urswyck. On her way to Lord Roose, she is stopped by his squire, Elmar, who needs a hand pushing a barrel. After helping him, she finally arrives at Roose's bedchamber, where he is being bled with leaches while meeting with Qyburn, Steelshanks Walton, and several Freys, including Ser Aenys, Ser Jared, and Ser Hosteen, as well as Ser Harys Haigh, and Ronel Rivers. The Freys believe that the war is now lost with Stannis defeated and the north taken, and that Robb must make peace. Lord Roose promises to think on what they have said and dismisses them. Qyburn reads a letter to Roose from his wife, Fat Walda. She writes every day to wish him well. Roose tells Qyburn to send a letter to Ser Helman, who has recently captured the Darry castle. He is to put everyone to the sword, burn the castle, and then join with Robett to attack Duskendale. Lord Roose leaves to hunt wolves and tells Arya to tidy his chambers.

While cleaning the room, Arya notices a map of the riverlands and sees that Riverrun is not far. After tidying up, she goes to the godswood to practice her needlework, pretending the leaves are those she wants to kill. Lord Roose returns from his hunt that evening and tells her to get his dinner. When she returns, she asks if Roose means to take her with him when he leaves. He is annoyed at the questioning, but tells her that she is to stay with Vargo. She leaves and walks past the Wailing Tower, where the Freys are housed. She can hear shouting within. Elmar is on the steps and tells her that they have been dishonored and he will no longer be marrying his princess.1 Arya gets angry at him and tells him she wishes his princess dies before stalking off.2 She prays in the godswood and remembers Eddard's words about the pack surviving and the wolf's blood. Arya decides she can be as strong as Robb and breaks her broom sword in half; she is done with wooden swords. That night, Arya sneaks out of her chambers. She goes to the forge, wakes Gendry, and asks for him to get a sword and leave with her. She tells him that Roose is putting Vargo in charge and adds a lie that he is going to cut one foot off of each servant when he is in charge. She tells him to wake Hot Pie too and have him pack some food. She goes back to Roose's chambers and steals the map and a dagger before going to the stables and procuring three horses by saying Roose commanded her to get them. She goes to the Tower of Ghosts to wait for Gendry and Hot Pie, who finally arrive. Gendry says the postern gate is guarded, and Arya says she will get rid of the guard. She approaches him openly and tells him that Lord Roose is having her give a silver piece to all the guards for their service. She pulls out the coin Jaqen gave her and lets it drop to the ground. When the guard reaches to pick it up, she slits his throat. Gendry and Hot Pie join her and they leave the castle.


Active Characters

  1. Aenys Frey - He is large, but grey and stooped with watery eyes and large, gnarled hands.
  2. Hosteen Frey - He is stocky with a square face.
  3. Jared Frey - He is lean, balding, and pockmarked.


Warning: Footnotes may contain spoilers from later chapters or books.


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