Tower of the Hand

Book 2, Chapter 68.
Tyrion recovers from the serious injuries he sustained in the battle.
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Tyrion dreams of the aftermath of the battle and corpses while lying among the wounded. He wakes up some time later in a soft bed, but is soon asleep again. When he wakes next, he feels bandages where his mouth should be. Podrick is there and fetches Maester Ballabar, who puts Tyrion back to sleep. He dreams again, this time of a victory feast, before he wakes once more. After a brief struggle to get out of bed, he falls asleep and dreams of Tysha and the little cottage they shared while married. When he wakes again, Ballabar is there and prepares to put him back to sleep. Tyrion grabs the maester's chain and chokes him to make him stop. He orders the maester to take the bandages off, and he complies after a threat of more choking. The wound underneath appears clean. Ballabar explains that Tyrion's wounds were filthy when they found him in the cellar and that he had a broken rib and an arrow wound at the shoulder joint that had mortified. He almost lost the limb, but they were able to treat it with boiling wine and maggots. Tyrion tells the maester to bring a looking glass. He sees that the cut starts just below his left eye and took three-quarters of his nose and part of his lip. He asks where he is, and Ballabar answers that he is in a chamber above the Queen's Ballroom; Cersei wanted to be able to watch over him personally. Tyrion believes that she wanted him to succumb to his wounds. He wants to return to his chambers and is shocked to learn that Lord Tywin is in the city and has taken the position of Hand. He tells Ballabar to bring Podrick. Tyrion tells Podrick to send Ballabar away and have Frenken make him some dreamwine. He tells the lad to bring Bronn too, who Podrick tells him has been knighted.


Active Characters

  1. Ballabar - He is plump with a brown fringe of beard.


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