Tower of the Hand

ASOIAF, Book 2.
Book Two of A Song of Ice and Fire
A Clash of Kings Cover

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ACOK 1: Prologue

Maester Cressen attempts to poison Melisandre, but she is unaffected, and he only succeeds in killing himself.

ACOK 2: Arya I

Arya travels north with Yoren and a bunch of recruits bound for the Wall.

ACOK 3: Sansa I

Sansa attends a tournament held for King Joffrey's name day. Tyrion finally arrives at King's Landing.

ACOK 4: Tyrion I

Tyrion presents himself to Cersei and is confirmed as Hand of the King.

ACOK 5: Bran I

Bran thinks about the comet and the Walders and enters Summer as a warg.

ACOK 6: Arya II

Yoren's group is accosted by gold cloaks looking for Gendry.

ACOK 7: Jon I

Lord Commander Mormont tells Jon about how Maester Aemon's vows were tested to see Jon's resolve to keep his own vows.

ACOK 8: Catelyn I

Robb gives Ser Cleos Frey peace terms to take to Cersei. Catelyn decides that Robb must treat with Renly.

ACOK 9: Tyrion II

Tyrion sends Lord Janos Slynt to the Wall.

ACOK 10: Arya III

Yoren takes his party off the kingsroad in an effort to avoid pursuit.

ACOK 11: Davos I

Stannis burns the statues of the Seven from Dragonstone's sept and drafts a proclamation naming Joffrey a bastard.

ACOK 12: Theon I

Theon arrives at Pyke and learns that Lord Balon means to invade the north.

ACOK 13: Daenerys I

Daenerys leads her people into the red waste, following her comet. She ends up at Vaes Tolorro, where three seekers come from Qarth to see her dragons.

ACOK 14: Jon II

Lord Commander Mormont's expedition searches the abandoned village of Whitetree.

ACOK 15: Arya IV

Yoren's party is attacked at an abandoned holdfast by Ser Amory Lorch. Arya escapes through a tunnel under the barn.

ACOK 16: Tyrion III

Tyrion orders the smiths of King's Landing to construct a giant chain and goes to see Shae using a new secret route through Chataya's, arranged by Varys.

ACOK 17: Bran II

Bran hosts various nobles of the north who have come to Winterfell for the harvest feast.

ACOK 18: Tyrion IV

Tyrion has Grand Maester Pycelle, Lord Petyr and Varys each convey an offer of alliance to a great house.

ACOK 19: Sansa II

Sansa meets Dontos Hollard in the godswood. He promises to take her home.

ACOK 20: Arya V

Arya, Gendry and Hot Pie are captured by Gregor Clegane.

ACOK 21: Tyrion V

Tyrion inspects the Alchemists' Guild's wildfire, looks over Robb's peace terms from Ser Cleos and placates Cersei as to his alliance offer to Dorne.

ACOK 22: Bran III

Meera and Jojen Reed come to Winterfell for the harvest feast.

ACOK 23: Catelyn II

Catelyn meets Renly at Bitterbridge. Brienne is made a member of Renly's Rainbow Guard. Renly learns that Stannis is besieging Storm's End.

ACOK 24: Jon III

Lord Commander Mormont's expedition arrives at Craster's Keep. Sam promises to help one of Craster's wives, Gilly, escape when the Watch comes back through.

ACOK 25: Theon II

Theon meets Asha, who makes a fool out of him. Lord Balon reveals his battle plan for attacking the north.

ACOK 26: Tyrion VI

Tyrion gives Ser Cleos Frey alternate terms to take back to Robb, mocks Ser Alliser and arrests Grand Maester Pycelle.

ACOK 27: Arya VI

Arya is brought to Harrenhal, where she is made a servant.

ACOK 28: Daenerys II

Daenerys arrives in Qarth and learns that King Robert is dead.

ACOK 29: Bran IV

Jojen tells Bran that he can see the future in his dreams and says he has come to help Bran open his third eye.

ACOK 30: Tyrion VII

Tyrion blackmails Lancel into spying on Cersei.

ACOK 31: Arya VII

Jaqen H'ghar promises to kill three men of Arya's choosing in return for saving his life.

ACOK 32: Catelyn III

Stannis and Renly have a parley. Stannis tells Renly that if he does not submit, he will die.

ACOK 33: Sansa III

Joffrey abuses Sansa after learning that Robb defeated Ser Stafford Lannister's army at Oxcross. Tyrion saves her.

ACOK 34: Catelyn IV

Renly is killed by a mysterious shade. Catelyn and Brienne flee Renly's camp.

ACOK 35: Jon IV

Lord Commander Mormont's expedition arrives at the Fist of the First Men. Ghost discovers a cache of dragonglass that was apparently hidden by a member of the Watch.

ACOK 36: Bran V

Jojen tells Bran that according to his dreams he is going to die.

ACOK 37: Tyrion VIII

Upon learning of Renly's death, Tyrion sends Lord Petyr to treat with Loras and attempt to secure a Tyrell alliance.

ACOK 38: Theon III

Theon ambushes and annihilates a force led by Benfred Tallhart. He plans to capture Winterfell.

ACOK 39: Arya VIII

Lord Tywin marches from Harrenhal. Arya has Jaqen kill Weese.

ACOK 40: Catelyn V

Catelyn returns to Riverrun. Edmure prepares to march against Tywin. Lord Eddard's bones arrive from King's Landing.

ACOK 41: Daenerys III

Daenerys's request for aid is turned down by the rulers of Qarth. Quaithe tells Daenerys she must go to Asshai to find truth.

ACOK 42: Tyrion IX

Myrcella leaves King's Landing for Dorne. Joffrey, Tyrion and much of the court are caught in a riot on the way back to the Red Keep from the docks. Sandor saves Sansa from the mob.

ACOK 43: Davos II

Stannis meets with Ser Cortnay Penrose, who refuses to yield Storm's End. Davos takes Melisandre by boat under the walls of Storm's End, where she births a creature of shadow.

ACOK 44: Jon V

Qhorin Halfhand arrives at the Fist of the First Men. Jon will accompany him on a scouting mission into the mountains.

ACOK 45: Tyrion X

Tyrion orders Ser Jacelyn to seize Tommen, who is to be taken to Rosby. He learns that Stannis has taken Storm's End and makes plans to hide Shae in the Red Keep.

ACOK 46: Catelyn VI

Edmure meets Lord Tywin in battle and wins a victory at Stone Mill.

ACOK 47: Bran VI

Theon captures Winterfell.

ACOK 48: Arya IX

Arya enlists Jaqen's help in rescuing a group of newly-arrived northmen captives, who it turns out allowed themselves to be captured on purpose in order to take the castle. Roose Bolton arrives and takes charge of Harrenhal.

ACOK 49: Daenerys IV

Daenerys meets with the Undying.

ACOK 50: Tyrion XI

Tyrion prepares King's Landing for Stannis's arrival. Ser Balon Swann and Ser Osmund Kettleblack are raised to the Kingsguard.

ACOK 51: Theon IV

Bran and Rickon escape from Winterfell. Theon and his men ride out to find them.

ACOK 52: Jon VI

Qhorin's scouting party encounters a group of wildling sentries. Jon captures one of them, a woman named Ygritte, but lets her go.

ACOK 53: Sansa IV

Sansa experiences her first flowering.

ACOK 54: Jon VII

Qhorin's scouting party is pursued by wildlings.

ACOK 55: Tyrion XII

Cersei has Alayaya apprehended, believing that she is Tyrion's whore. Tyrion tells Cersei that a day will come when she feels safe and happy but he will turn her joy to ashes in her mouth.

ACOK 56: Catelyn VII

Catelyn goes to the dungeons to speak with Jaime.

ACOK 57: Theon V

Asha comes to Winterfell, but refuses to aid Theon in holding the castle.

ACOK 58: Sansa V

Sansa goes to Maegor's Holdfast to attend a banquet Cersei is holding during the battle with Stannis.

ACOK 59: Davos III

Stannis's fleet engages Joffrey's on the Blackwater Rush.

ACOK 60: Tyrion XIII

Tyrion prepares to lead a charge out the King's Gate.

ACOK 61: Sansa VI

Cersei presides over her banquet. She reveals to Sansa that Ser Ilyn is there to kill them should the city fall.

ACOK 62: Tyrion XIV

Ser Mandon attempts to kill Tyrion, but Podrick saves him.

ACOK 63: Sansa VII

Cersei leaves the banquet and Sansa attempts to restore order. Tywin and Mace arrive and defeat Stannis.

ACOK 64: Daenerys V

Arstan and Belwas arrive in Qarth and save Daenerys from an assassination attempt. Daenerys agrees to leave on their ships, provided by Illyrio.

ACOK 65: Arya X

Arya, Gendry, and Hot Pie leave Harrenhal after Arya learns that Lord Roose means to give the castle to Vargo Hoat.

ACOK 66: Sansa VIII

Joffrey hands out rewards and punishments following his victory over Stannis. Sansa is officially released from her betrothal to Joffrey.

ACOK 67: Theon VI

Ramsay Snow kills Ser Rodrik, scatters his army, and takes Winterfell from Theon.

ACOK 68: Tyrion XV

Tyrion recovers from the serious injuries he sustained in the battle.


Jon, following Qhorin's orders, yields to the wildlings when the two are captured. Jon is forced to kill Qhorin to prove his loyalty.

ACOK 70: Bran VII

Bran and his companions emerge from the crypts of Winterfell, where they had been hiding. Osha decides to take Rickon into hiding at an undisclosed location, while Meera and Jojen take Bran to hide in the north.