Tower of the Hand

Book 3, Chapter 3.
For releasing Jaime, Catelyn is confined to her father's quarters until Edmure returns.
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Ser Desmond and Utherydes meet with Catelyn and try to decide what must be done with her. They do not want to put her in chains, but they decide she must be confined to a cell until Edmure returns. She suggests her father's chambers instead so she can comfort him in his final days, and they consent. Lord Hoster is sleeping when Catelyn arrives in his chambers. He wakes up when she speaks and calls her Tansy, not knowing who she is. Catelyn asks who Tansy is, and Hoster answers that she will have many trueborn sons.1 Maester Vyman comes in to put him back to sleep. Catelyn asks if he knows any Tansy, but he does not. That evening, he returns with a meal and word that Utherydes is quite sure that no one named Tansy has ever worked at the castle. Catelyn had noticed the arrival of a raven earlier and asks what news it brought. Maester Vyman tells her it is from Robb. He took a wound storming the Crag, but it is not serious. Catelyn puzzles on what her father said and concludes that Lysa must have lost a child before Lord Hoster made Lord Jon marry her as his price for adding his strength to Robert's Rebellion. She writes a letter to Lysa urging her to come or at least send a letter and gives it to the maester. Later that day, a commotion outside heralds Edmure's return. Two hours later, he comes to her. He informs her of Stannis's defeat and berates her for freeing Jaime. He tells her that he has sent ravens off to Lord Roose at Harrenhal telling him to be on guard and offered a thousand gold dragons for his recapture. Catelyn, lost in her grief anew tells him to leave.



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  • 1 - This footnote contains details from a later chapter (ASOS 81). Click to show.


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