Tower of the Hand

Book 3, Chapter 7.
Sansa has dinner with Margaery and Olenna Tyrell. They plan to spirit Sansa away to Highgarden and have her marry Lord Mace's eldest son, Willas.
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Sansa has received a dinner invitation from the newly-arrived Margaery. She worries about what it portends, but she accepts. On the appointed night, Ser Loras arrives to escort her. He informs her that, Margaery's grandmother, Olenna, will be there as well. Ser Balon opens the gate to Maegor's Holdfast, and they pass through. In the yard, a group of men are practicing swords, including Ser Hobber, Ser Tallad, Ser Kennos of Kayce, Ser Osney, Ser Osfryd, and Lord Morros. She notes one knight training against three men. It is Ser Garlan, Loras's brother. Loras admits that his brother is better with the sword, though not with the lance. Sansa mentions the Hand's tournament and the red rose Loras gave her,1 but Loras does not even remember, though he tries to hide it. She says it was after he unhorsed Ser Robar, and Loras laments that he killed Robar at Storm's End. They arrive at the doors to the Tyrell chambers, which are guarded by Olenna's twin guards Erryk and Arryk, whom she just calls Left and Right because she can never tell them apart. Margaery greets her at the gate and bids her welcome. She takes Sansa to the dinner table and introduces her to the gathered ladies: Lady Alerie Tyrell, Megga Tyrell, Alla Tyrell, Elinor Tyrell, Lady Janna Fossoway, Leonette Tyrell, Septa Nysterica, Lady Alyce Graceford, Lady Alysanne Bulwer, Meredyth Crane, Lady Taena Merryweather, and Lady Olenna Tyrell. Olenna has some choice words to say about her son, whom she calls Lord Oaf and Lord Puff Fish, and getting mixed up with Renly before having Sansa sit next to her and summoning Butterbumps to entertain. After the first course is brought out, Olenna tells Sansa to tell her about Joffrey. Sansa is terrified and tries to dodge the question. Olenna finally has Butterbumps sing "The Bear and the Maiden Fair" so that no one will hear their conversation. Finally, Sansa tells Olenna and Margaery that Joffrey is a monster. Olenna says that is a pity.2 Margaery asks if Sansa would like to visit Highgarden. She says she would, but the queen will never let her go. Olenna says she will if Lord Mace asks it. Olenna means to see her wed. At first, Sansa thinks they mean Loras and is thrilled, but Olenna says she means Mace's eldest son Willas, who was crippled as a squire in his first tournament by Oberyn Martell. Sansa is less sure of that match. They finish talking as the song comes to an end.


Active Characters

  1. Alerie Hightower - Wife of Lord Mace Tyrell. She has tall with a long silver braid.
  2. Alysanne Bulwer - She is eight.
  3. Arryk - Called Right. Personal guard to Olenna Tyrell and twin to Erryk. He is over seven feet tall and well-muscled with a red mustache and deep blue eyes.
  4. Butterbumps - A fool. He is immensely fat.
  5. Erryk - Called Left. Personal guard to Olenna Tyrell and twin to Arryk. He is over seven feet tall and well-muscled with a red mustache and deep blue eyes.
  6. Janna Tyrell - She is Lord Mace Tyrell's sister.
  7. Leonette Fossoway - Wife of Ser Garlan Tyrell.
  8. Meredyth Crane - Called Merry. She is plump.
  9. Nysterica - She has a homely, pox-scarred face.
  10. Olenna Redwyne - Mother of Lord Mace Tyrell. She is called the Queen of Thorns. She is wizened with white hair and very small.
  11. Taena - She has dark eyes and is from Myr.


Warning: Footnotes may contain spoilers from later chapters or books.
  • 1 - AGOT 30
  • 2 - This footnote contains details from a later chapter (ASOS 69). Click to show.


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